the Swedish Government announced the strengthening of measures to combat the epidemic of coronavirus COVID-19. Measures aimed at strengthening the protection of elderly citizens residing in nursing homes.

Earlier, the chief epidemiological officer of the country Anders Tegnell acknowledged that, despite one of the most liberal approaches in the fight against the epidemic, he deplores the high levels of disease and death in Swedish nursing homes. According to the doctor, many nursing homes are managed in Sweden by private companies and in these companies revealed that “problems with quality” service. This has already led to the beginning of several investigations.

Now the Swedish government allocates 2.2 billion kronor ($220 million) for the increase in staff of nursing homes and their training. Funds will be used to increase the pay of employees working there part-time, to encourage them to move to full employment. In addition, another 2.2 billion kronor will be allocated to local authorities — municipalities and regional councils, on whose territory is located the nursing home. These funds will be used for training new and additional staff for nursing homes from among local residents.

Eugene Tail