The Swedish coronadødstal has been low the last few days. The figures must, however, be taken with reservations.

Sweden has the most recent day recorded 20 dead, with coronaviruses.

the latest figures Monday from the Folkhälsomyndigheten, there is the Swedish equivalent of the Danish national board of Health in Denmark.

the Figure is an increase from the weekend’s figures, there sounded on the 17 confirmed coronadødsfald Saturday and 12 on Sunday.

the Numbers must at the same time, however, be taken with reservations, since there may be delays in rapporteringerne. It has Folkhälsomyndigheten previously stated.

– It must be interpreted with great caution, because we know that we do not have just as much reporting in the weekends, said Anders Tegnell from Folkhälsomyndigheten at a news conference Monday a week ago.

In total, 919 people died in Sweden after having been infected with the coronavirus. 533 men have died, while 386 women died.

The total number of confirmed smittetilfælde sounds 10.948 in Sweden. This is an increase of about 500 persons in relation to Sunday.

living well over ten million inhabitants in Sweden.

For comparison, the 285 persons confirmed dead after having been coronasmittet in Denmark. In total, 6318 persons confirmed infected, according to the latest figures Monday from the State Serum Institute.

the Swedes have marked themselves by having a somewhat less restrictive approach to coronavirusset than many other countries – including Denmark.

The Swedish approach means that the community is not in just as much closed as in for example the scandinavian neighbours Denmark and Norway.

Among other things, Swedish schools are still open.

The Swedish news agency TT writes that the infection in Sweden has been spread widely in nursing homes around the country.

A group will now analyze how it can be. It says Anders Wallensten, who is the assistant statsepidemiolog by Folkhälsomyndigheten, at a press conference on Monday afternoon.