With your battle against the rising cost of social assistance was Therese Schläpfer (60) in Switzerland: The Zurich municipality President of the 1106-soul village of Hagenbuch ZH announced once that they had to increase due to a refugee family from Eritrea to the control. The family moved away – the taxes had to be increased anyway.

Today, Therese Schläpfer in the national Council. The 60 years of the oldest Shooting Star of the SVP manages the favorite topics of your party’s provocative and polemic: she rails against the Kesb and shares on Twitter regularly, Islam-critical articles, and Videos of some questionable Twitter Accounts.

With the three-fold mother’s not moving in but just a critical voice in matters of social welfare and Islam in the national Council: Schläpfer, the man doubted how her Zurich-based party colleague, Roger Köppel (54) climate warming made.

SVP-Schläpfer don’t want any climate-Leugnerin be

she said In a panel discussion on the topic according to the newspaper “Landbote”: “I’ve seen Youtube movies of people who tell you something else.”

To VIEW the Neo-national councillor clarified that she was not a climate-Leugnerin: “Doubt means don’t deny it! Climate change there has been, demonstrably, always.”

to elaborate on The issue of climate warming, the need to keep “a cool head” to be the best solutions to the problem. “Quick shots, which bring nothing and at the expense of the middle class go, not I support.”

A connection between the immigration and the climate protection Schläpfer, in its by a well known Zurich-based PR company extra produced promotional film. It shows the SVP-woman from the drones perspective when Cycling.

in it, you launched the topic, with the under of the Federal house dome wants to stand out: “The ten-million-Switzerland”.

Schläpfer could be the second Rickli be

“It is just wonderful to drive with the bike through Switzerland. I enjoy the scenery and culturally diverse Switzerland with its direct democracy. That’s why I am against a 10-million-in Switzerland,” says Schläpfer.

And so is your goal as a national councillor: “The municipality of automonie and the social self-responsibility, as well as the immigration limit!”

in Addition, your new laws are a thorn in the eye. “It is a lot to many of the new laws,” she says. You will be committed to the principle of “one in, two out” – for every new law two old would need to be deleted.

Although Schläpfer, and so forth for the retired Jürg Stahl (51). With your political style, you could inherit but rather, in the Zurich cantonal Council selected Natalie Rickli (42). Schläpfer emphasises: “To Natalie Rickli, I appreciate your straightness, firmness, your perseverance, and your talent for communication.”

He was traded as a Federal Council candidate, but he got for the CVP and the FDP-the seat of Karin Keller-Sutter (55) in the Council of States: The lawyer and the financial Director of the Canton of St. Gallen Benedikt Würth (51). As of today, the former President of the city of Rapperswil-Jona (2007-2011) politicized under the Federal house dome.

Neo-the Council of States, Würth remains in the St. Gallen government

After his election in the St. Gallen government, in 2011, he headed first the Department of economic Affairs. In 2016, he moved to the Department of Finance. Currently, Würth, Chairman of the conference of the cantonal governments.

Würth wants to retain his office as a councillor up to the total renewal of elections in February 2020, even if he is confirmed in the coming October as the Council of States. Is allows: A cantonal act of 1940 permits such a dual mandate.

milk strike-Haab now in Bern

In the SVP-group of the national Council, and so forth in addition to municipal politician Therese Schläpfer (60) another well-known face: The milk strike was farmer Martin Haab (57) in 2008, Switzerland’s widely known – because he let his wife prefer to be in the milk of baden, to sell under value. The former national charming character wants to make the peasants in Bern legs. Haab replaced in the Zurich cantonal Council selected Natalie Rickli (42).