The Parallels are unmistakable: as of today, the SVP represents your political opponents as maggots, the Nazi Propaganda represented the Jews, once considered to be vermin. Hardly surprising, the latest SVP poster, even in the own ranks for outrage.

It had not been aware that a similar figure had been by the Nazis released, said SVP-group chief Thomas Aeschi (40) on Sunday night on Tele Züri. However, there is no reason for it, the new SVP-Subject again to that. Because this is for Aeschi, “like the other parties to the framework agreement undermine the proven system of direct democracy and Switzerland want to throw the dictates of Brussels under”.

Nazi comparison invalidate

Via Twitter, he attempts to refute the Nazi comparison, but still. He refers to an old poster of the city of Zurich, farmers and civil party – a predecessor of the SVP. The party is symbolized by a spade, which represented the capitalists (as a weed) and the socialists (as the red caterpillar illustrated) in the same way in the end want to do. “Who invented it?”, Aeschi tweet this. “That was in 1933. There are no new caterpillars under the sun …”

broadside against Economiesuisse

Aeschi has found the image in the book, “peasants, citizens, members of the” Ex-SVP-Nationalrat Christoph Mörgeli (59), as he explains a VIEW. “Even then, the SVP has fought on the one hand, associations such as today, the Economiesuisse, the Swiss values of a global legal order, wanted to sacrifice, on the other hand, against socialist ideas”, so Aeschi. Further, he does not want to explain his comparison, but refers to another Tweet.

the SVP is trying to create man even more distance to the Nazi Propaganda. He stresses that in 1933, was a member of the Zurich farmers ‘ party “to be incompatible with the national socialist front”.

Frontists in the League

not quite as simple as it is. With his poster comparison Aeschi to put your foot flat into the fat. Because in 1933, there was in Zurich a spiteful election campaign. The Bourgeois – among these also the farmers and citizens ‘ party – set out to break the red majority. The “red Zurich” should fall. Therefore, they did not hesitate the most before an election Alliance with the Fronti.

“it is The hour of reckoning since,” wrote the SVP predecessor on a flight sheet. “Our beautiful city of Zurich must be freed from international Marxism forever.” Then the call to vote for all six of the “Patriotic” city Council candidate follows mattered – which is also a right-wing Frontist.

Aeschi still sees no reason, from his poster comparison depart. “I’ve never deleted a Tweet, for reasons of content,” he says.

Amstutz turns the tables by

That the SVP wants to make the Nazi comparison does not apply also makes campaign Manager Adrian Amstutz (65) significantly. In the VIEW Interview he tried, the tables completely turn. “The Nazi comparison can only make someone who has in the teaching of history slept,” he says. “The SVP wants to save the best direct democracy and Switzerland does not throw the EU.”