It begins like a commercial for a discount-planner: An old man sits on a pier in the sun, looking out over the water and ponders. From time to time, he writes, accompanied by melancholy piano music, something in a red book – his last will and Testament, perhaps?

But the old man is Christoph Blocher (78) and this Video is part 1 of the long-announced SVP-election campaign-film. And Christoph Blocher writes in his last will and Testament. But in a secret plan.

“Magda, s table urgent”

Even otherwise, the SVP-Father, what he does best: give orders makes. “Madga, s table urgent”, raunzt it into the phone and quoted his daughter Magdalena Martullo (50) in a Bunker in Zurich. So like all of the other party to the party of chief Albert Rösti (52), party leader Thomas Aeschi (40), election campaign chief Adrian Amstutz (65) and ideology – in-chief Roger Köppel (54) grandees -.

Where, bosses, maybe they are on paper. Blocher commands, all others stand at attention and nod: “I’m ready!” and “Yes, isch guet” is the title of it. Like in real life. Only Amstutz allowed a gefluchtes “Shit!” (and then do what the Old commands).

This is the main message of the first Episode of the tax-produced film, with the SVP of young voters wants to address.

Glarner what fences in a

by the Way, the Ticino to be offended – the national Council Marco Chiesa (44) is not allowed to guard the secret Plan, because “for the Job of Ticino is not really. For this you need one you can trust”. The Aargauer asylum-sharp-maker Andreas Glarner (56) fences anything with barbed wire and Köppel thinks only of the “world week”. What him by Amstutz, a “Köppel, your a flick Ford!?” brings.

And Blocher? Has ordered now and can play in peace “Wormland” on the phone.

Not only is the SVP, the SP in the election campaign on a Film. In “Days of Decision” plotting of the Rich and Powerful to mold to Switzerland according to your interests – trade in arms should be easier, the protection of the environment, however, stopped. And in the bourgeois Parliament, their demands are implemented, of course.

But there is resistance: In the political stirring-Thriller-Manier to fight the SP, however – here is the revolutionary young stars of the party on Board: Cédric Wermuth (33), Fabian Molina (29), Nadine mass Hardt (34) and Mattea Meyer (31). Quite deliberately, the Film is synchronized bad – because the Motto is: “life is not a bad movie.” We take a look at the 20.October. (sf)