The Aargau SVP speaks with a clear voice. Councillor Franziska Roth (54), head of the Department of health and social Affairs, about the books. And fast. There is “urgent and necessary corrections relating to leadership, organization and communication”, the cantonal party. To succeed, it is Roth, not “within a short period of time”, the tax is still around, to tear, to the councillor of “the consequences”.

Unusually sharp words

There are unusually sharp words by a party to a separate mandate to the wearer. However, even in the case of the SVP, the patience has now snapped. The week before last had to Roth in Parliament a blast to listen to. In a group statement, FDP, CVP and the Greens, the “lack of trust criticised”. Roth there was a lack of respect for politicians, they communicate poorly and don’t try to be a good cooperation between the health Department and policy.

The last straw was an Interview, which was given to Roth, the regional channel “Tele M1”. A Aargau psychiatrist had years of Sex with victims of abuse. Even though she had already long since by the scandal of knowledge, not a handle, Roth, and rejected all allegations. Instead, they informed against their employees, the Prosecutor’s office and the parliamentarians. The large councils they threw a lump sum, you are a schemer, would pursue “hidden agendas” and anyway, too many unnecessary motions to submit.

in Addition, it comes in the health Department since Roth’s office continuously to the disposal of Leaders. Due to the incidents Roth was ousted last week. The government has withdrawn the responsibility of the cantonal hospital of Aarau.

crisis meeting with party chief Albert Rösti

SVP-Aargau-President and national councillor, Thomas Lord of a castle (56) said today at the media conference, you’ve already searched for a year ago, the conversation with Roth, because “the progress from the point of view of the party leadership were too low”. You’ve made the councillor’s proposals, however, Roth had not addressed it.

On the last Friday of a crisis took place that session in the presence of party President Albert Rösti. “You had to unfortunately find that the situation is precarious. Due to defects in leadership, organization and communication, the trust of Parliament and the employees way in the Department to a great extent”, said the Lord of a castle today. “The Functioning of the administration is called into question.” In addition, major business threatened to fail.

if You have made Roth before two options: either you resign, or allows for an external Evaluation of their departments and to help. Roth had opted for the Latter. “You reject a resignation and remain in office,” says the Lord of a castle. “We will support you now with United forces.”

SVP. on the nose

However, the SVP must also take yourself to the nose Already in the election campaign, Roth was controversial and was not reluctant to criticize the work of party colleagues. You have then carried out a very good Evaluation, says the Lord of a castle. The SVP was convinced that she was the right candidate.

But this hope was obviously disappointed. “There is no apprenticeship as a councillor,” said the Lord of a castle. Roth have made a difficult Department, which is now in the wrong location. “We, and they, too, have underestimated that she is a newcomer and she had to accept our help more.”

This needs to change urgently, as the Lord of a castle. “Ms. Roth needs to go in and take our advice 100%. We need to tear the wheel around now.” The Lord of a castle expressed confidence that it will succeed.

grace period until the end of may

And if not? Then the SVP will take the consequences. A resignation requirement will then be about the subject, so the Lord of a castle. Of a party of exclusion, he does not want to know, because: “The party’s interests very well, since there is no Problem.”

Roth now gets a grace period until the end of may. Then clear improvements visible to the public and be noticeable” to the Lord of a castle would have to “. So Roth needed to maintain your network in and outside the Canton of stronger and expand. And you should also take advantage of the in the party’s pool of Knowledge, especially in the area of health.