Svetlichnaya accused the employees of Let them talk stealing

Star of Soviet cinema Svetlana Svetlichnaya caught in a nasty situation. According to the actress, it robbed the employees of the program “Let them talk”, which came for the filming of her apartment. After they left the celebrity has missed large amounts of money.

took me a month because of the coronavirus will not come out. And today I went to the store and found that the money and Bank card is lost, — she told in interview “to Reedus”.

She explained that at the moment when she decided to treat the crew with champagne, editor of “by the name of Eugene” held up in the room where she kept her savings. There lay all her postponed from meetings of the funds — about 750 thousand rubles. According to the actress, it is to apply will not because these proceedings require certain forces.

I don’t Have the health to deal with the police. I tried to call the channel and tell, but no one answered me, — concluded the artist.

Earlier, as he wrote, Svetlichny has accused her granddaughter Masha that she gave her mercury, to take possession of the apartment. Maria Ivashov, according to the 79-year-old star of the Soviet screen, wants to get rid of it.