The Bundesliga handball players of the TSV Hannover-Burgdorf are gone due to the Corona-crisis in short-time work. Head of sports, Sven-Sören Christophersen (34) speaking in the Bild Interview, among others about impending impacts of the forced break for Handball.

IMAGE: they were in 2003, basketball-professional, since 17 years in the business. How do you deal with the current situation?

Christophersen: “It’s still all hard to grasp. One is shocked, what is the dynamics and how quickly not only the Handball-Bundesliga, but the economy as a whole undermined is. This is part of really scary.“

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IMAGE: send The player of the TSV Hannover-Burgdorf have a salary waiver and short work. Serious Negotiations?

Christophersen: “We have already sought early on, the conversation with our players. And it was already in the first conversations is relatively clear that this would be a possible step. With each day more of the development for each was aware of the fact that each of us must contribute his part. This also includes all the players were at the end of ready. It was requested for all short-time work.“

IMAGE: do you Believe that the League receives the game operation again?

Christophersen: “at least, That is the great hope. The dynamics of the entire history of the us all rolled over. To make now not a quick shot from my point of view is important. If there was a way to play in may or June, you should check that thoroughly. But I’m not naive. So, how it is developed, it becomes every day more unlikely. For without an audience, it makes the Handball no sense, the revenues from Ticketing are a big factor. We would only screw at a high cost, but not revenue mind set. Games without spectators there will be for us.“