the Main service, characterized by the transition of the South Ural state University, remote work and study, “E – SUSU”. It exists for over 10 years. In 2001 SUSU created the Centre for distance education. Institute of open and distance education since 2004. During its existence the Institute has passed all stages of the development of distance education: case technology, submitting materials on paper by surface mail, SD-disks, the material on the CD-ROM format. With the emergence of resistant Internet technologies have completely switched to the online format.

“the University make the transition to remote work, because we have been engaged in its development, realizing the need for this direction,” – said the rector of South Ural state University Alexander Shestakov.

the University is actively working on implementation of all educational programs of the University in the educational portal “E-SUSU”.

“a Student at any time can return to the material classes and to communicate with the teacher. If the student is not aware in the audience, he always has a chance to understand it on your own via other resources. Every year a significant increase in the number of people wishing to study by distance, for example, in 2005 on the basis of IODO studied a little less than 300 people in 2019 in the format of distance learning you get knowledge about 2,200 people,” – says the Director of the IODO SUSU Alexander Demin.

Today, in the period of validity of restrictive measures on the portal of distance education of South Ural state University hosted more than 5,500 different courses and registered more than 28,000 users. Upgrading platforms, changing the architecture of the system allow the portal to handle even with heavy loads. Special courses on the use of distance education technologies has already graduated more than 500 teachers of SUSU.

e-learning Portal – “E-SUSU” – allows you to fill the discipline of theoretical material, lectures, tests, and also create a system for receiving responses from students and the feedback system. For distance learning teachers use the format of videoconferences, forums, chat services such as BigBlueButton, and Google Meet, which is convenient interfaces.

“I Want to note that with the beginning of distance learning increased attendance of students, the educational process became more transparent for students, for teachers and for heads of structural units of the University. The University has been faced with such extent of distance education for the first time, and our divisions have made every effort to arrange this process with both technical and methodical,” says the head of Educational Department of South Ural state University Maxim Nesterov.

fullSTU distance learning while there are a number of disadvantages. For example, the lack of direct communication.

“the Educational process not only gives knowledge but also educates. And this aspect of distance education is inferior to living. In addition, future specialists have to work with real equipment. After all, even well done, the virtual lab does not give a complete understanding of the components of the profession. Therefore, it is necessary to remember that in remote mode teaches us not a computer, and people using distance learning technologies”, – emphasizes the rector of South Ural state University Alexander Shestakov.

There are some things that are necessary when teaching, that technology is not yet able to transmit. But SUSU coped with the main task – involvement in the educational process using distance technologies to all teachers and students of the University.

“distance learning has facilitated the work of foreign students this semester. For example, I’m in Iraq and can’t come to Russia, but attend classes and do all the work. Of course, some couples would like to attend in person. But I understand that in our situation it is impossible, therefore, online training saves the day”, says Zainab Abdulridha, the 2-year student of the Polytechnic Institute.

Anastasia Dmitrieva, 4th year student of Institute of natural and exact Sciences notes that with the introduction of distance learning almost nothing has changed:

“the Load has not become less couples are scheduled, homework is also set. Lessons on video – it’s an interesting experience. I like that the teachers are now good feedback. You can quickly get the answer to any question, checked homework, and just as quickly make the fixes. In full-time mode would have to wait for the next pair with the same teacher.”

For remote communication with students, we use all modern means of communication: group Vkontakte, Instagram, Facebook, WeChat for students from China. Foreign students would be given full round-the-clock support.

“All the information is for students to translate Chinese, Arabic, English and French. Distance learning students are satisfied, but still they miss live communication, classmates and teachers. We tried to keep contact with foreigners and was transferred to online all the activities that may take place remotely,” – said Lyudmila Lapina, head of Department on work with foreign students of international relations Department of South Ural state University.

to Apply and pass an entrance test, the applicants this year will be remotely. The beginning of acceptance of applications will remain the same, June 20. Time pthe Riem of the documents and entrance examinations will be determined after approval of the dates of the exam and the announcement of its results. This applies to arrivals not only bachelor and specialist degrees, but also graduate and postgraduate programs.

“SUSU more than 10 years running a service using the personal account of the applicant. Currently being finalized the software for more effective work with 100 % of students, including foreign ones. The user manual can be viewed at the link. Work private office will begin on 20 June”, – says Alexander Gubarev, the responsible Secretary of the admission Commission of the University.

All entrance tests, including creative, will be conducted remotely, with video surveillance and recording of the exam for each applicant. Some creative exams will change format. For example, journalists and creative contest will be a selfie-a report on a given topic.

With the aim of establishing unified requirements for the implementation of educational programs using e-learning, distance educational technologies in the implementation of programs of higher education in South Ural state University developed and approved the normative-legal acts on conducting classes, intermediate certification and final state certification in the conditions of distance learning. The implementation of these regulations will unify the process of training, the organization’s interim assessment and state final certification.

SUSU successfully coped with the transition to distance learning. To make adjustments in the educational process and the work of services was possible thanks to decades of experience and coordinated work units. The University raised the digital transformation of education in record time. In the future, the experience gained will be applied in the daily work of the University and digital technologies will become an integral feature of the educational process.