The Sirt diet is designed to stimulate your metabolism by eating certain foods. This is because an increased metabolism helps you lose weight. We will explain to you exactly how the Sirt method works and which foods should definitely be on your menu when using this weight loss method.

The Sirt diet is based on a very unique principle that has nothing in common with the currently most popular weight loss methods such as “low carb”, i.e. few carbohydrates, or “16/8”, i.e. fasting for 16 hours every day.

Here, weight loss works through the selection of plant-based foods. Certain substances contained in these foods activate certain enzymes in the body, the sirtuins. And these, in turn, get the metabolism going.

Sirtfood exerts its effect through secondary plant substances, which essentially form the plant’s immune system. In the human body, the antibodies are said to trigger the following reactions: optimized metabolism, improved immune defense, cancer protection, life extension.

For the nutritional doctor Bernd Kleine-Gunk, the Sirt diet is more than just a weight-loss program: “It is a long-term diet with many health benefits.” It is important to incorporate many sirtuin-activating plant substances into the diet. You will find a list of the best plant sources at the end of the article. “But it is not a vegetarian diet. There are no restrictions or prohibitions on foods at all.”

The weight loss effect of Sirtfood alone is most beneficial for people who just want to lose a few pounds or keep their figure. Everyone else needs to support the metabolism boost with low-calorie recipes.

The Sirt diet is designed to cause slow but sustainable weight loss. Muscles, the tissue with the highest energy consumption, are retained when fat is burned. Sirtuins activate muscle stem cells. This works on the same principle as strength training: muscles are stressed – here through exertion, in the diet through a lack of energy – the repair mechanism kicks in, and new muscle mass is created. More muscles mean more energy consumption and is the best way to combat the yo-yo effect.

A Sirt diet has another advantage: the white fat melts, but the build-up of brown fat is stimulated, white fat is converted into brown fat. Brown fat is not stored fat, but an energy guzzler and contributes to weight loss.

In his guide “Lose weight with Sirtfood,” Kleine-Gunk has compiled a list of vegetables, fruits and spices that are best suited to a sirtuin-based diet. They contain highly concentrated sirtuin-activating substances. He advises: “The most effective thing is a potpourri of as many of these substances as possible, and as often as possible.”

“Lose weight with Sirtfood: Eat healthier and live better with the protective enzyme Sirtuin” by Bernd Kleine-Gunk, Anna Cavelius and Tanja Dusy

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