Residents in Caprigliola say that they heard a loud bang, followed by the sound of falling bricks around the clock 10.20 Wednesday, writes the BBC.

Two cars were on the bridge when it collapsed, but none of the drivers was seriously injured.

Both were sent to hospital, one of them with minor injuries and the other because he was in shock.

aerial photos from the Italian police shows that there were several sections of the bridge that fell together.

Photo: AP Little traffic in Italy

the Accident occurred on the Strada Provincial (SP) 70 between Genoa and Florence.

the Bridge over the Magra in the North of Italy would normally have been full of cars a Wednesday morning.

because of koronaviruset is it almost empty on the Italian roads of the time, which may have led to no people got seriously hurt.

– It is pure luck that the collapse did not lead to a tragedy – because of the lack of traffic due to the crisis with koronaviruset, ” says the head of the Italian regions (UPI) Michele de Pascale.

Loading map, please wait… to view this content you must enable JavaScript in your browser. Had warned about the bridge

After today’s accident, it has emerged that motorists in november last year, reported a crack in the bridge.

A local mayor, Roberto Valettini, says that he has sent three letters and warned against the bridge.

the Bridge should have been inspected and repaired after the crack was discovered.

the Bridge went over the river Magra, grenseelven between the regions Tuscany and Liguria.

Photo: Tano Pecoraro / AP a Long series of broulykker

Italy has in recent years experienced a number of accidents due to poor maintenance. Brokollapsen was the fifth in Italy since October of 2016.

the best known is the accident at the Morandi bridge on the A10 highway in august 2018. 43 people died when the bridge collapsed at the Italian port city of Genoa. In april 2017 the breaking of a bridge at Fossano in Northern Italy. Two policemen were on a routine inspection under the bridge and heard that construction was about to break down. Police officers got away at the last moment, while patruljebilen their was crushed under the concrete. A married couple lost their lives in march 2017 when a flyover collapsed and fell down on the A14 motorway, which runs along the Adriatic sea. The bridge was closed for maintenance when it broke down. A bridge over the motorway between Milan and Lecco collapsed in October 2016, when an over 100 tons of heavy truck drove over. A person lost his life and several were injured when the bridge collapsed. A 200 meter long section of the elevated highway in the outskirts of Genoa collapsed in the year 2018. You need javascript to see the video.

A 200-meter-long section of the elevated highway in the outskirts of Genoa collapsed in the year 2018.