The consumer sentiment Index of the state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco) rose in January to -4 points, such as the quarterly survey showed. Thus, the Index exceeded its long-term average of -9 points, according to the Seco on Friday in a Communiqué. In the last survey in October, the Index was at -6 points. However, the mood is considerably worse than a year ago (+5 points).

more Confident that the consumers have voted for the labour market: they now expect a lower unemployment. The sub-index for the expected development of the unemployment figures was significantly decreased and sun with 32 points, clearly below the average (48 points), it was said. At the same time, consumers would make the safety of the work as above average judge of that.


An improvement in the budget situation of households: the sub-index for the expected savings likely to be significantly increased, and lie back in the area of the long-term average.

Also got close to the expected evolution of the financial situation, also the mean value. The brightening of the budget situation on the one hand, should the positive Outlook for the labour market and on the other hand, have recently contributed to lower inflation, wrote the Seco.

slowdown expected

Significantly turbid, the consumers appreciate, however, the economic situation. Here, the deterioration in the sentiment in the last twelve months significantly. This was in line with the slowdown of the economic growth.

Even more, the expectations for the upcoming economic development. The consumers were, therefore, of a further slowdown, what is amazing in the face of negative messages to the world economy and numerous economic risks little, wrote the Seco.

After all, the sub-index on expected economic development, but is still slightly above its long-term average. The consumers would therefore expect a weaker General economy, but no recession, wrote the Seco. (SDA)