Suri cruise

the 41-year-old Katie Holmes, and their 58-year-old Tom cruise’s 14-year-old daughter Suri is quite often seen on the streets of new York among ordinary citizens, but since the beginning of the pandemic, they began to appear in public much less often (even birthday, Suri celebrated in a modest home). Nevertheless, last daughter of the star couple went for a walk around the city, where she was filmed by reporters.

take a Stroll Suri decided in the company of his friends. Daughter of the star couple was dressed in jeans, white top and sneakers, while on the street she was walking in a protective mask, unlike her friends who took them.

As recently told Katie Holmes, the quarantine she and her daughter spent together and that time became for her a real lesson.

I try not to talk about it in interviews, but the quarantine gave me a lesson. You just look at everything you have, and you start to appreciate even the usual cooking dinner and spending time together,

— said the actress.

Katie Holmes and Suri cruise

Recall that after the divorce Katie Holmes and Tom cruise Suri left to live with her mother. The father, however, in contact with the daughter is not going himself. According to rumors, chat with Suri he banned the representatives of the Church of Scientology, a follower of who he is. Last time with Suri saw him seven years ago. At the same time with his other children whom he adopted with former wife Nicole Kidman, 25-year-old son Connor and a 26-year-old daughter Isabella, the actor communicates with pleasure. They, like their star father, too fond of Scientology.