Texas’ lieutenant governor Dan Patrick is enthusiastic Donald Trump supporter. And in a new interview reveals the 69-year-old toppolitiker, that he would sacrifice his own life if it could save the u.s. economy.

“There are many grandparents that I will be willing to do anything to save our great country and the grandchildren, we love more than anything else.”

How to Dan Patrick in an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. And the usually ruthless tv host took to his head, while he summed up.

“So you and millions of other grandparents are willing to let the lives of coronavirussen, if it means that børnebørnne have enough money.”

lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick nodded. And thus defected to the republican support of president Donald Trump up on a whole new level.

contrary to the advice of its own experts, insists the president of the UNITED states so that kæmpelandets economy must be re-opened for easter, 12. april.

“We must not let the cure be worse than the disease. The decommissioning of the entire economy, will cost more american lives than the disease itself,” said Trump in an interview with another Fox News host, Bill Hammer.

According to a brand new Gallup survey says 60 percent of all surveyed americans behind the president’s insistent optimism.

But few support the president as Dan Patrick, who himself has six grandchildren.

“If someone asked me, if I am willing to risk my own life, to rescue what the UNITED states, we all love, then I’m 100 percent with. I prefer of course to survive. But not on the whole country’s expense. And there are many like me,” says Dan Patrick, who by virtue of his age, belongs to among the more vulnerable in the u.s. population.

It is, of course, not everyone is equally impressed with Dan patrick’s position, which he himself calls ‘patriotism’.

“What you say is that money means more than millions of older americans. At least we know now where They stand, Mr governor,” writes one of Texas relatively few democratic members of the statskongressen.

According to the Washington Post, received the Dan Patrick Tuesday, a grateful phone call from Donald Trump.

Unlike many of Dan patrick’s republican colleagues in Washington, D. C., to corona-the crisis is not necessarily over for easter.

on the Night of Thursday, it adopted the u.s. senate is proposing a package of measures to a value of 2.000 billion dollars – double that of a corresponding nødpakke, which was adopted in connection with the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009.

nationwide, the UNITED states has almost 65,000 residents confirmed cases of covid-19. A little over 27,000 of these positive tests have taken place in the state of New York, now referred to as the UNITED states’corona ‘hot spot’.

In the new us aid package, there is massive financial help to private citizens in the form of cash assistance and extended unemployment benefits. All the corona-testing will be done free of charge. And large u.s. firms will also help, among other things, in the form of tax cuts.