In Moscow started accepting applications for subsidies to social enterprises. The maximum amount of payment to subjects of small and medium business will be one million rubles. This was announced by the Deputy Mayor.

reimbursement for the purchase on credit of foreign equipment will be calculated within the key rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. And when you make loans for the purchase of domestic equipment, the amount of compensation will be a five percent increase in the key rate.

Applications will be reviewed weekly at the meetings of the branch Commission. The payment will transfer within a few days after the signing of the Protocol of the Commission on the allocation of subsidies.

you can Apply through your personal account on the website There is also the possibility to pre-check correctness of sent documents. A company wishing to participate in the program must be included in the list of social enterprises. All information published on the website of subsidies of the government of Moscow for the capital’s entrepreneurs.

in addition, entrepreneurs can get advice by calling a single line support on issues of subsidies: +7 (499) 961-01-20. Call centre open Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00.

Benefits, deferred and tax breaks: as will protect the business during coronavirus

social entrepreneurship include the activity of subjects of small and average business if either of the following conditions:

— the employment of workers from socially vulnerable categories (disabled, pensioners, citizens approaching retirement age, and others);

— sales of products and services produced by persons with disabilities and other workers from socially vulnerable categories;

— the production of goods (performance of works or rendering of services) for citizens from vulnerable categories such as means of rehabilitation of the disabled, social service and other;

— the implementation of community activities (educational, cultural).