It seems that Game of thrones star Sophie Turner takes a direct showdown with his actor-colleague Evangeline Lily.

Evangeline wrote: for recently on social media that she had not going to be indoors in spite of the corona-outbreak.

‘Some value life higher than freedom, while others value freedom over their lives. We take all of our own choice,’ she wrote in response to one of the many angry people who commented on the post.

A fury, which also seems to have been aroused in Sophie Turner, writes Entertainment Weekly.

“Get inside. Don’t be f***cking stupid. (So make Turner citattagn in the air, red.) ‘freedom over your health.’ I totally don’t care about your freedom. You can infect other people, other vulnerable people around you, if you do it here. So stay in doors folks. It is not cool, it’s not big, it is not wise,” saith the from a very direct Turner.

Sophie Turner has not mentioned any names on them or, as the advertisement is directed, but many believe it is clearly aimed at Lily.

in Addition to talking about to put his freedom over his health, so ends Turner also to mention, that ‘it is so teen’, while she holds her cup up to a small bowl.

And the tea was just what you could look at Evangeline Lily’s original images. There she wrote the update to a picture of his morning tea.

Evangeline Lily, as some might know from ‘Ant man’-the movie or the series ‘Lost,’ is also with the security in the vicinity of a vulnerable person.

The wrote she also, when she made her announcement.

She has his father living with him.

A father who has cancer at a very advanced stage, she told in the comment trail.