probation, on Friday, June 26, appointed the artistic Director of “Gogol-center” Kirill Serebrennikov in the legal community embraced with great surprise, calling it outrageous soft.

At the same time, according to lawyer Oksana Mikhalkina, the situation may unfold in a most unusual way, if the defenders Serebrennikov will be decided on appeal. A complaint against a lenient sentence can be revised in the direction of tightening and then the three conditional years that have contributed to the artistic Director, can become real.

As told to “MK” lawyer Oksana mikhalkina, the appeal against sentence (and lawyers Serebrennikov has already declared that does not agree with the decision and will write the complaint) can turn into a real period.

– Can you give a sad example from his practice. I had a case of fraud committed by a group of persons. People received suspended sentences. They didn’t admit the guilt, the damage is not reimbursed. Lawyers and convicted written appeal… In the end all came out with the real term. The fact that some time in the appellate court had the right to toughen the punishment. And if earlier it was strictly forbidden to worsen the situation of the convicted person and all quietly went to the appeal, confident that more will not give, but now the situation has changed radically.

According to the lawyer, the sad experience was not just her, but many of her colleagues. The tendency to toughen the punishment exists as to the Moscow city court and Moscow regional court.

According to Mikhalkina to get a higher court to a more severe punishment (it’s not only about time, but about fine) requires the following conditions is a serious composition, group of persons, a plea of not guilty, failure to redress damage. Exactly what is in the government.

– In this case, it seems that the convicts just took pity. Because it’s resonant and it was riveted public attention. The fact that they received suspended sentences – a great happiness. If the dock were other people, the timing could have been real. That is a guarantee. I would place the government would leave the country. I do not exclude that today they just gave him the chance.

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