Scientists from Germany called the new drugs that have the potential to be effective against COVID-19. Research published on the Internet-portal of the University of Mainz.

German experts conducted an analysis of the effectiveness of antiviral drugs in the fight against coronavirus infection of the new type using the supercomputer MOGON II. Device spent 30 billion single calculation with 42 000 different medical substances described in open sources of information and databases.

“Given the computer simulation method known as molecular docking, and it is used in science for many years,” according to the report of scientists from Germany.

based On research, that lasted for about two months, a supercomputer has revealed the means of hepatitis C, which has the ability to bind and neutralize particles of SARS-CoV-2. Their number included four of the drug: simeprevir, paritarias, grotpeter and valparasio.

In the course of the audit computing computer scientists drew attention to the fact that SARS-CoV-2 and the causative agent of hepatitis C can be attributed to single-chain RNA viruses. According to the party of research of Professor Thomas Efferth, the scientific results necessary to confirm laboratory experiments and clinical trials.

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