(Los Angeles) The Super Mario Bros. Movie again came out on top at the North American box office on Sunday, a performance that could be the best of the year.

The animated film based on the game of the same name, produced by Universal, Nintendo and Illumination studios, has racked up $347 million in revenue since its Easter weekend release in theaters across the United States and Canada. according to estimates by the specialist firm Exhibitor Relations.

The most famous hero in video game history, Mario, appears in a feature film where he and his brother Luigi face the dreadful Bowser in the Mushroom Kingdom.

The overalls-and-mustache-wearing plumber is far ahead of Russell Crowe-starring The Pope’s Exorcist horror film, in second place with $9.1 million.

Third place, with $7.9 million raised, is won by the fourth installment of the John Wick saga, in which Keanu Reeves reprises his role as a hitman fighting an international criminal group. In four weeks of screening in North America, that’s a total of $160 million.

Comedy horror Renfield, starring Nicolas Cage as Dracula, came in fourth, grossing $7.7 million in its first weekend of showing.

Ben Affleck’s latest film, Air, which chronicles the origins of Nike shoes from NBA legend Michael Jordan, moves up to fifth ($7.7 million).

6. Dungeons

7. Suzume ($5 million)

8. Mafia Mamma ($2 million)

9. Scream VI ($1.4 million)

10. Nefarious (1,33 million de dollars)