FC Basel will change his squad for next season only selectively. President Bernhard Burgener is not willing to take large sums of money in the Hand. Since the market value of the players without European performances significantly lower than in previous years.

goalkeeper Jonas Omlin (25) is one of the few who has consistently played at the highest level. He has to confirm his strong performances for at least a season, then he’s ready for a Top League (Germany?).

returnees Silvan Widmer (26) has increased in the course of the season continuously. The young father of a family will remain in Basel. Captain Marek Suchy (31) is the reliability in Person. His contract runs out. It is quite conceivable that he is looking at the end of his career, a new challenge. the Eray Cömert (21) plays a strong season and has just renewed his contract. With its sale of Basel wants to earn in a couple of years a lot of money.

The Peruvian migrant bird Carlos Zambrano (29) comes after a lot of bad luck with injuries at the end of the season in great shape. “I would like to stay in Basel,” he says. His loan runs out. The FCB is in talks with Zambrano’s club Kiev. A return, in the Ukraine seems to be excluded. The only question mark Zambrano’s injury susceptibility.

left back Blas Riveros (21) is with his Situation is not satisfied. Also in his third season, he is not the undisputed master player. In the case of a foreign interest (Spain) would him to the FCB.

The veterans Fabian (30), Valentin Stocker (30) Luca Zuffi (29) next season to play a key role.

(28) still has two years of contract and is regarded as a figure of identification. But clubs from the Bundesliga and Spain are keen on the endurance runner.

The young Noah Okafor (18) belongs to the future. He is to establish himself in the next season, then all doors are open to him.

(25) brings a lot of Speed, but is still too inconsistent. On the wings of the competition with Aldo Kalulu (23), Okafor and Stocker.

(30) has also made this season his goals. His Name is in many of the Scouts in the Notepad. The Dutchman has a one-year contract. If the offer is right, is it to the FCB.

The Xamax borrowed Geoffrey Serey die (34) will not play in the FCB. Serey for ivory coast should come out at the Africa Cup, he can contract maybe one last big (China?) sign.

(21) is on loan to Empoli in the Tuscan prior to the descent. After he had rejected in the Winter, offer from China, could he take now in spite of everything this way. The FCB still hopes that he can get the almost six million Swiss francs, which has to be transferred to Salzburg, back in.

On the transfer market in the FCB will be only selectively employed. Right at the top Pajtim Kasami (26) of Sion. But Christian Constantin wants more than strategists, two million for his field.

Suchy leave the club, the FCB a Central defender. Finally, Basel also needs to be on the right side of a Back-Up for endurance runners Widmer, who will come in this season over 40 games.

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