There are scenes that beat on the waves: the scenes around the game crash in Lucerne, caused by anarchists from the GC sector. “Zurich Fans humiliate your own players” headline, for example, the “image”.

The anarchists penetrate when the score was 0:4 of the guests curve up to the edge of the field, as the final descent nature is after 70 years of first-class short. Set the hopper’s demands: “Give up the body. Pull down the pants! Get The Fuck Out!” GC-Captain Lindner the “Fans”, trying to find solutions. But in the case of the curve estimated Goalie has to admit: “It was clear relatively quickly that more is no longer an Option play was.” The anarchists don’t back away – game crash, enforced by viewers!

Exactly the same in the end provoke several anarchists from the GC Block in March at the game against Sion. At that time, the countless, recurring, and Burning of Pyros is too dangerous. Twice in two months within is not a game of the Swiss record holder (27 titles).

How you can prevent in the future such scandals? GC takes a few hours after the disgrace in Lucerne public clarification: “With fines and sanctions against the Clubs, it is not done. You can’t let the football clubs – and it concerns not only GC in Switzerland – in this Situation alone.”

The Relegated calls on various parties to help: “The judiciary, the police, the SFA and the League should also think seriously about the books.” Is heard this cry for help? (str)