‘Bullshit’ and ‘illegal marketing’ was the word, sundhedsdebatør Morten Elsøe used when he is on his Instagram profile the other day attacked an advertisement from Fie Laursen.

last week laid Fie Laursen: a posting on his Instagram profile, in which she promoted with slankeplastre from the store Perfect Body.

Lookup has now been deleted, but it could be available in several days.

In the advertisement were her followers introduced for both images and videos with influenceren wearing slankeplastret on the stomach as well as the laudatory words about the product.

But the sort does not work and at worst can be dangerous, explains Morten Elsøe, who is educated cand. scient. in the molecular nutrition and food technology, on why he took up the case:

“the Patch has not any importance for combustion, weight loss, or blood circulation. There is no evidence that it works.”

“If it actually had a real effect, it would easily be able to be dangerous: Substances that cause an increase in the metabolic rate of the relevant order of magnitude for weight loss, will typically give palpitations, tremor of the hands and svedture. And so increases the in addition the appetite.”

Morten Elsøe discourage so strongly, that to obtain the so-called slankeplastre. And he advises also that one advertises for them.

On Instagram called Morten Elsøe its followers to notify Fie Laursens lookup to Instagram and in addition, notify the company to the Consumer ombudsman.

He tells that he has received between 50 and 100 inquiries from people, who after having seen his stories on Instagram has notified the Fie Laursens lookup to Instagram.

He is glad that people have followed his call. He feels that he has a responsibility to cry aloud, when he encounter such cases:

“I have the value in life, that I would like to make the world a better place. I will try to do with the skills I have. I have the skills to assess what is true and false in the field of health, and I know the consequences of misleading information on the area.”

“People with a desperate need to get better with them themselves, in the belief that such products work. It is in this way, they solve their problems.”

“instead, they are being once again exploited by a completely unregulated, alternative vægttabsindustri – even via a Danish webshop, which on the surface appear reliable out. It is preying on people who don’t have it good. It is purely and simply scams.”

It is not the first time, Fie Laursen is criticised for its choice of reklameaftaler. Recently she had to so apologize after she had advertised for sugardating.

Also, she was a few months ago criticized to raise a skønhedsoperation in a competition.

But there is a way to get the issue of unethical advertising, believes Morten Elsøe:

“You can start by not giving her power. This is done by something so simple as not to follow her.”

B. T. has since last week been trying to get a comment from Fie Laursen and the company Perfect Body, but none of the parties is returned.

Slim Patch-the product is no longer on Perfect-body.dk.