Khabarovsk Krai was the first, who early sent the juniors on vacation due to the epidemic situation. In all regions, except for the Okhotsk, Amur, Vanino, Vyazemsky, Khabarovsk and Komsomolsk-on-Amur, students in grades 1-3 went on vacation from April 13.

“the Training of middle-level students continuing with the epidemiological situation, the recommendations of the Ministry of education of Russia. Pupils of 8-11 classes on the distance learning until the end of the quarter – 30 may”, – explained the “RG” acting Minister of education and science of edge Viktoria Khlebnikova.

But now, after receiving the recommendations of the Federal Ministry, every district will make decisions about the beginning of holidays for high school students. While final decisions are not.

And to the younger pupils do not get bored, they organized a recreational teleology on local channels. Together with teachers the children repeat the school program, conduct their research, including put laboratory experiments at home.

“Leisure spend and through social networks. The additional education teachers write the lessons for 20 minutes in different directions. They children are learning to dance, sing, invent something new. Today, demand for ecological food and robotics,” – said the Deputy mayor of Khabarovsk on social issues Elena Egoshina.

ahead of time, from 30 April – went on holiday and Ulyanovsk school students from 1 to 8 classes. About this “RG” said the press service of the regional Ministry of education and science.

the decision was announced by the head of the region on 20 April after a meeting of the headquarters for organization of educational process and leisure of children in the spread of the coronavirus. The recommendations were sent to the schools in the region.

“the Traditional school year ends may 26. It turns out that we negocis less than a month. And we need to set the assessment at the end of three quarters – said the head of the relevant regional Ministry Natalia Semenova. – This is especially true for subjects such as music, physical education, fine arts, technology because distance learning on them is reduced to writing abstracts. We have already sent letters to all the municipalities.”

She also said that students in grades 9-11 will continue to engage in remote mode for full-fledged training for OGE and EGE, including in the period between the holidays 6, 7 and 8 may. By the way, the exam for graduates of the 9th classes were previously scheduled in the Lite version: two subjects instead of four. On April 30 it became known about the possible abolition of the state final attestation and the attestation of the ninth classes on the basis of final grades.

Most students who are on remote, received from the government computers, purchased p�� the Federal program “Modern school”. 938 computers now transferred to the students and 215 teachers.

And here’s the good news – despite an early break to return the equipment is not necessary. It is still useful in the project “Online vacation”. Indeed, many children stay at home and be able to use for learning computer. A remote summer camp, students will learn programming and work.

in the Karelian scholars who are studying in grades 1-4, the school year ended the first of may.

They have put the assessment in physical education, music, fine arts, life safety, technology and world culture. Based took the results of the completed quarters and the current level. Children from 5 to 11 classes will be engaged in until may 25. Now from 1 to 11 may, they have weekends. While no other decisions are not taken.

“My granddaughter is a student in the 6th grade, – told “RG” Tatiana Nosova. – Since her parents are always working, with her granddaughter remotely mainly me. And to be honest, was tired. Programs constantly crash. All the main independently. Therefore, I support the idea of entering the vacation ahead of time. High school is another matter. They let them do. And we will go to the country and will be there to rest.” Agreed and mother of many children Anna Glushkova. She has three children studying remotely: Nastya – in the 8th grade, Alyona – 7 and the vane is in the first. “So much time sitting at computers not, and we don’t have enough techs on all at once,” – she explained his position.

by the Way, the Minister of education of Karelia Roman Golubev admitted that technical problems with distance learning has faced some areas of the country. Therefore, the deputies of the legislative Assembly of Karelia has made amendments to the budget and allocated 93,2 million rubles for distant learning.

For 47 percent of the St. Petersburg school (and 78 thousand persons), the school year has ended. For them, the holidays came, too, may 1. Other students will continue to learn until may 22. Remote sessions after a period of may celebrations and holidays in schools will start on may 12.

As Chairman of the education Committee of St. Petersburg Jeanne Vorobyov, the decision to continue studying or to go on vacation, took the parents of the students. Early the school year can complete all but students of the ninth and eleventh classes.

But according to Vorobyova, first on an early break went the juniors. Those who continue to study now repeats the material covered. New subjects are not taught. And evaluation will be issued in the first three quarters, and, in case of dispute, decision should be made in favor of the child.

Vorobyov said that the situation with the pandemic in the study��s school program as a whole is not affected, the main material in classes managed to pass. And from September 1, classes in schools should resume normally.

it is Worth noting that the city government early announced holidays for those families who want to isolate themselves in the country. But this right have used including those who have country homes there. Moreover, the availability of villas the school administration is not checked.

“actually, I had no more strength,” – says a resident of the Moscow district Oksana Fetisova, it is one of those who have applied for early certification. Oksana – HR, for the past month she is in forced isolation with her son a third grader and daughter of kindergarten age. Continues to work remotely every day from her meetings, reports, work calls. Control at such a pace, “walking” if the son for lessons, well behaved and does homework, there is too much time.

And a daughter Mary Savina, who is studying in gymnasium № 524, on the contrary, according to the decision of parents will be engaged in until may 22. “She’s the tenth class, though not prom, but a very important one. For the next year exam. And the program difficult, so now we need to repeat the material, to better understand,” said Maria.

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