With the kids for a week to go in the summer vacation, is certainly not cheap. However, a comparison of five holiday types shows that low it is already. And then it is still healthy. VIEW, free has tailored offers available on the Internet to meet the needs of a family with two children. The choice fell on average offer. This means that it would be more expensive and more luxurious, but cheaper and easier.

> The wall family

A Chalet for four people in the Valais holiday resort of Ovronnaz is included in addition to cost, such a mandatory final cleaning for just 1200 francs. the cheapest leisure activity is Hiking well. For alternative program points as you Relax in the thermal baths and fast-paced rides the Scooter in a bag is reserved money of 220 francs . Is eaten away and, otherwise, in self-contained manner. The Budget for this is 400 francs . The trip with the car (petrol costs), or the train fails with 70 , respectively, 220 CHF (half-fare) to book.

: 1890 Swiss francs

> The Cycling family

a Sporty on-the-go families on the Velo. A family-friendly Route takes in seven stages along the Danube from Passau (D) to Vienna. For Stay for four in a family room from simple pensions to around 900 francs to be due. The food budget is dimensioned by 720 francs generous, after all, Cycling makes you hungry. The arrival in the Bus over night 210 francs, the train-return journey on the day of 225 francs. The bikes travel for a total of 107 francs with. After all: Only 40 francs is the leisure budget, finally, Cycling is enough.

Total: 2202 franc

> The camping family,

holidays on the campsite are Very close to the beach. So that parents and children do not have to stand in a tent on the feet, there are Alternatives for more comfort: permanently installed residential wooden house, car, or small. Great is the offer in Croatia. For a week’s holiday in a mobile home on a 4-star place, the property 1450 Swiss francs costs . For dinner, CHF 300 are available. Excursions and Velotag with 270 francs is relatively expensive. The petrol costs and motorway tolls for driving your own car to get around 420 francs .

: 2440 CHF

> The beach vacation family

A popular holiday destination on the beach is similar to that of Switzerland in driving distance, is the Tuscany. Also, the Swiss Reka provides apartments. The price for a family, including cleaning, processing fee and tourist tax: 1680 Swiss francs. Who cooks for yourself, you must expect to eat such as 330 francs . Alternatively, it is also offered half Board, which in comparison is more expensive. Excursions by Land and water, cost of 250 francs . The car travel (petrol and motorway fees) comes to 260 Swiss francs. Also, here’s an Alternative: In the Car the family drives for 840 francs, there and back.

2520 Swiss francs

> The package travel family

leave it to those Who don’t want to plan, the work of a travel Agency and a travel package book. In southern Turkey beach holidays for two adults and two children to 2530 Swiss franc is currently a week. Especially in the case of package travel, there are often early booking discounts, it may be also located here is still something in there. Included in the price of the journey with Edelweiss and the food from morning to evening. Extra the Transfer to the Hotel ( 80 Swiss francs ) and the trip to the airport in Switzerland ( CHF 100 ) cost. A city tour and a boat trip on the sea can be about the tour operator booked. The service costs just 170 francs.

: 2880 Swiss francs

anyone Who has not yet booked anything, not to annoy. This year, many Swiss have not decided according to tour providers, where it is in the next couple of weeks to go.

Swiss consumers are this summer, booking lazy. They are increasingly deciding at the last minute for a holiday trip. About flight of shame prevails in this country? Say, for the climate, less flies? New traffic point figures at the airport of Zurich. While in March the number of local passengers in the previous year, stagnated in comparison, decreased in April (-0.6 percent) and may (-1.5 percent) to 1’949’471 local passengers. In previous years, the Figures in this time were never on the decline. However, The proportion of transit passengers increased in may. And how it looks with the Swiss as the Hub Carrier? The Lufthansa-subsidiary, carried in April, 3.2 percent more passengers in may, the increase was still 2 percent. Consequently, Swiss-customers, apparently, the flight of shame home. Ulrich Rotzinger