to brush up on school subjects, to know a lot about Moscow, its history and culture, as well as a fun and interesting way to spend your leisure time during summer holidays to children and their parents will help the city’s electronic services. Educational materials, educational applications on a variety of subjects are always available to students in the library “e-Moscow school” (“mash”). And the project “Discover Moscow”, #Mosqueteros, “Museum of Moscow online” and other cultural virtual platform will allow the whole family to visit the virtual exhibition of the city’s museums, listen to interesting lectures and to see theatrical productions in the Network.

Library “mesh” can be helpful to children not only during school hours. The students all year available more than 1.4 thousands of e-manuals, textbooks and works of literature, more than 100 thousand educational interactive applications, photos, videos and much more. Guys can at any time use the service to improve your knowledge on various subjects.

So, the library has prepared a selection of interesting tests and applications, devoted to Russian literature. And the section “self test” can help you remember the material covered in all subjects and to repeat difficult topics before the new school year. Each test job includes several tasks of different difficulty levels.

Summer in the “mash-up” of useful materials for themselves can find not only students, but also parents with young children. This is a new educational app “Preschoolers”.

a Series of interactive exercises and games help develop the child’s communication skills, mathematical and creative thinking, enrich his knowledge about the world.

Learn the basics of programming, to participate in eSports tournaments, to take courses in Neurotechnology and applied linguistics in the online camp “Kibernet-2020”. Classes invite children from 11 to 17 years. The program will be held in six shifts: from 1 to 12 June from 15 to 26 June from 29 June to 10 July 13 to 24 July, 27 July to 7 August 10 to August 21. Register for classes on the portal (in the search bar you need to enter “Kibernet-2020”) or on the website of the school № 868. The number of participants in each change is not limited.

Moscow centre for technological modernization of education has prepared an interesting and useful online program “IT-summer-2020”. From June to August, children aged six to 17 years can participate in classes 29, it areas, such as web design, the basics of programming and computer logic. In addition, the kids will take online courses in financial literacy, journalism, 3D animation, drawing, history of film and television. Full list of courses shown on the website. Sign up for free classes can be the same, as well as on the portal The number of participants is not limited.

26 Moscow palaces and centres of art organized a summer online change and online programs for young residents. The list of online programs can be found on the portal “Home online”. Every day the guys are waiting for thematic master-classes, quests, workshops, games, and virtual tour.

for Example, you can participate in the programs of the Zelenograd Palace of children and youth. From June 29 to July 10, will operate the puppet theatre, where children from six years old will learn to sew and to revive the heroes of favorite fairy tales. From 15 to 26 June, children from 11 years old are invited to participate in the educational program “rise of the machines”, and from 13 to 24 July in the program “the Era of technology. Looking to the future”. Participants will take the first steps to the development of robotics.

In the Palace of creativity of children and youth “East” for children from seven to 17 years old open to change “Sunrise in the East”. For them, there will be workshops on technical, natural-scientific, artistic and decorative-applied creativity, as well as sports activities and adventure quests.

some programs pre-registration is required. More information about the summer remote shifts, and the schedule of classes is available on the official websites of organizations of additional education of Moscow.

get to know fun facts about my favorite city on the portal “Learn Moscow” and in the same mobile app. Interactive guide to the city attractions contains descriptions of more than two thousand buildings, hundreds of monuments, museums, urban areas and more than 200 famous people, whose life is connected with Moscow. Children and their parents can choose interesting topic, attraction, building, city, or historical figure and discover their stories. So, users can visit the virtual excursions on the roofs of historic buildings and old mansions in the center of Moscow. In addition, they are invited to go through a virtual quest where they learn a lot about the filming locations of famous films about the history and architecture of the Moscow metro. All users portal available 18 virtual walks around the capital and 61 online quiz.

See the collections of museums of Moscow can be the online catalogue of the portal “Museum of Moscow online”. Today, there are represented almost 50 thousand photographs of objects from the collections of major museums — the gallery of Ilya Glazunov, Moscow Museum of modern art, Museum of cosmonautics, Moscow state art gallery of Vasily Nesterenko and others.

to Learn about the writers ‘ lives and see their personal belongings, notes and letters, visit exhibition of the State Museum of V. V. Mayakovsky, the House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva, the Literary Museum centre of K. G. Paustovsky, the Museum M. A. Bulgakov.

Those who are interested in natural Sciences to be interesting online exhibition of the state Darwin Museum. The exhibition presents paintings dedicated to animals who accompanied soldiers on the fronts of the great Patriotic war, the teeth of the ancient sharks and the shells of mollusks rare species donated to the Museum by the collector Constantine Gaidenko. Each photo exhibit is accompanied by a description.

Attend a cultural event the whole family is also possible thanks to the project “Culture of Moscow online”. Platform available video versions of performances, concerts, lectures, meetings with celebrities, exhibitions, film premieres, virtual tours in museums and parks, as well as other interesting activities. So, in the section “Tours” you can find a virtual tour of the Moscow planetarium. Astrophysicist Dmitri Trushin talks about planetariums and also learns to create artificial clouds to compose electronic music and to determine your weight on other planets. In addition, in this section, you can take a virtual tour of the Moscow zoo and observe the life of its inhabitants with the help of web cameras. And by clicking on the link to the official YouTube channel of the zoo — to see the interviews with his famous guests to learn interesting facts from the life of animals.

Another project which is helping to diversify leisure, — an online-platform #Mosqueteros. On the website you can listen to interesting lectures, see circus shows and theatrical performances, visit the virtual tours and make online walk. In total, the project involved more than 50 cultural and educational sites, and their number is increasing every day.