The Celebrities “Of all my accomplishments I am most proud of.”Eminem, (47) and was clearly in an emotional mood when he onlangsover for his daughter Hailie (24), and then in the morning.She is the daughter of Marshall Mathers, as the rapper is really hot, and Kimberly Anne Scott (45). The couple also share custody of Whitney, Age 17, Kim’s daughter from another relationship, and Alaina (26), the daughter of one of Kim’s deceased twin sister. But who is Kim anyway?

Kimberly Anne Scott on January 9, 1975, it was born along with her twin sister, Dawn. Her childhood was not easy, and the two girls were sexually abused by their alcoholic drug-addicted step-father, and walk quickly away from home. When thirteen-year-old met the 15-year-old Eminem, at a dinner party. “I’m standing on top of a table, without a T-shirt, with a hat by Kangol at the top of my head, and I sing along to “I’m Bad” by LL Cool J”, remember, Marshall is. “When I turned around, I could see her. Smoking in the house.”

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The two fell in love, and soon to be invites to Marshall, Kim out at home. That is, writes to his mother, Debbie Nelson, in her biography, ” My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem’. “Marshall came home from school with a big, bad blonde. He asked her if Kim’s on the team. Kim said that she was only fifteen years old, and I didn’t have any reason to cast doubt on this. She was so cute and busty, that she also had to be able to go for it only seventeen.” Although it soon comes out that Kim is still just a thirteen-year-old, first of all, it and are Looking for a relationship. The girl is pulling even with the whole family. “Why did I do that now?”, allows Debbie to feel for the demand. “I took all the years of children in. Our house was always filled with people who are ronddwaalden, and the homeless. I saw Kim as a challenge, someone who I can hopefully have a better life, it would be able to give you. However, I told her not to. When she is at her ease, began to sense in me, she began to also have problems.” The girls are often in conflict, in which Marshall and his mother begs to be patient. “She’s my girl you’re my mother…. Please don’t make me choose.”

and When they found out that my daughter was using it to get a chance to write about how I got her killed, to explode them.

the Marshall Mathers


If you are Looking for in the third year of secondary school, and was fifteen years of age, he left the school. He wants to make it as a rapper, and so he’s going to work. Debbie put her son on the doorstep, and together with Kim, he moved into a crime-ridden neighborhood. “The neighborhoods we lived in were terrible,” says Kim to be there at a later time. “In the last two years, I have four tv’s and five players have had.” Car thefts are a daily occurrence, and the thieves can afford to have is a lot of freedom. “And he (the thief-ed.) let the peanut butter, the jelly, and the rest of it is just on the table, and stole nothing,” recalls Marshall is. “But when he came back, he took all of them, except for the seats and the beds in the room. The pillows, clothes, silverware – all of it.” Kim in 1995 and she has been for more than twenty years of age – pregnant-being of a daughter, Hailie Jade, doesn’t make it any easier. The new family will go back to Debbie, live in it, but that doesn’t take a long time. “My mother took to drugs and was taking the pills, so she had mood swings,” says Marshall. “That’s when they went to bed, and everything was just fine, but when she woke up, she shrieked: ‘you Bastards, go on! ” he said.”

One year after giving birth to Hailie to go to Kim and Eminem together. Looking again to his mother, Kim, to relocate with together with Hailie in a small apartment. To his frustration, and to express, create, Marshall, his alter ego, Slim Shady. He pulls hard back to his ex. ‘97 Bonnie and Clyde, he describes how, for example, he, along with daughter, Hailie – Kim-do to be drowned in the lake. In order to make things to make matters worse, he leaves his daughter, a few pieces of vocal parts. “I lied to Kim and told her that I’m Hailie, that day, and took them to Chuck E. Cheese’s (an American ketenrestaurant, ed.)”, he says. “But, actually, I took her with me to the studio. When she found out that my daughter was using it to get a chance to write about how I got her killed, to explode them.” Kim and will Marshall, at that moment, the careful approach needed, makes the impact, it will only get worse.