Elon Musk is considering stepping down from Twitter and Tesla. He doesn’t want to be a CEO, he says at a court hearing.

According to statements at a court hearing, Elon Musk is considering retiring from the top positions at electric car manufacturer Tesla and the short message service Twitter.

As the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) reports, Musk’s thoughts came to light because a Tesla shareholder in the US state of Delaware had filed a lawsuit against the salary package with which Tesla had promised Musk huge blocks of shares in 2018 if ambitious milestones were reached. Musk has now achieved all of his goals, and shares make him the most traveled person in the world. The plaintiff alleges that the remuneration was excessive.

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In the course of the court proceedings, Tesla board member James Murdoch initially testified that Musk had recently appointed a person to succeed him as CEO. He said neither who it is about nor how concrete the considerations are. However, the statement shows that Musk is apparently considering leaving Tesla as CEO.

When Musk himself appeared in court, he said he plans to find someone to run Twitter. Maske also runs the short message service since he took it over in October after a long back and forth. Mass layoffs were followed by requests to return and short-term changes of course. Critics accused Musk of planlessness.

According to a report by Stern, when asked in court how he saw his role as CEO, Musk replied: “Honestly, I don’t want to be the CEO of any company.” He sees himself more as a “techno king” and wants to leave the management of the company to others . When asked by a lawyer whether he had been sober when inventing his title Technoking, the multi-billionaire answered with a questioning “Yeah?”.

Observers had speculated for a long time that Musk could give up some of his many offices. In addition to Tesla and Twitter, the richest person in the world also runs the space company, SpaceX and several smaller startups.