Annie Knight became internationally famous through her OnlyFans activities. The model slept with more than 300 men in one year. Now she explains why she can’t find the one.

Annie Knight, a content creator from Australia’s Gold Coast, revealed during a radio interview on the Kyle and Jackie O Show that she slept with 300 different people in 12 months.

As reports, Knight explained that she felt “empowered” after this year of numerous sexual adventures. However, she is still single.

On social media, Knight shared that she decided to take a more serious approach to dating last year. However, none of the six dates she had during that time lived up to her expectations. As a result, she took a break from dating in May and only recently started dating again.

In addition to her personal ideas about an ideal partner, Knight explained that her activity on the OnlyFans platform makes it difficult to find a partner. Although she doesn’t have particularly high standards, one could be problematic.

Annie told DailyMail that it was crucial for her that potential partners were willing to produce erotic content with her for OnlyFans. “They have to want to make content with me,” Knight is quoted as saying.

If they do not agree to this condition, a relationship is not conceivable for them. Apart from this rather bold demand, Annie is a monogamous person. However, her potential partner must be involved in her professional life.

Annie revealed some time ago that she was fired from her job as a marketing manager because of her OnlyFans side job. She told “SBS Insight” how she was fired after her superiors discovered her raunchy account.

The 26-year-old now earns more in one month with her erotic site than she did in the whole year in her old job, as she announced on social media.

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