The unmanned probe to collect Material from the surface. To fired this purpose, “Hayabusa 2” a small explosive device, in order to form an artificial crater. The probe Material is to capture the asteroid.

where is the solar system?

It will take a few days to get confirmed, whether the first samples could be collected as planned, it said on Friday more of the Jaxa. The researchers want to come up with the Mission of the origins of the solar system on the track.

the end of next year to return the probe to earth. Its predecessor model was already launched worldwide in 2010 for the first time, soil samples of an asteroid to the earth. “Hayabusa 2” was launched in December 2014 in Japan and reached after almost four years in All at the end of June last year, your goal.

a Japanese probe pulls to the Asteroid-exploring more

on the German centre for air and space travel (DLR) and the French space Agency, CNES, developed the Lander by the name of “Mascot” was landed in October to Ryugu, and had explored this for hours until his battery went out.

The “Mascot” of the collected data could provide were important insights about the formation of our earth and for the prevention of asteroid strikes. During the “Mascot” remains to Ryugu, the Mission of the probe “Hayabusa 2” now. Ryugu is the underwater Palace of the dragon king from the Japanese Tradition.

What is a meteorite?Meteorites are solid bodies, which can not burn up the earth’s atmosphere to pass through, complete, and in the ground take.What a Meteoroid is?

Smaller objects, which are located on the orbit of the sun. These occur in the earth’s atmosphere, burn up and produce a Meteor.

And a Meteor?

A Meteor is a light phenomenon in the sky, caused by dust or pieces of rock. As they burn up in the atmosphere of the earth, and thus begin to light up””, they are also called shooting stars.

the difference with The Asteroid?

Asteoriden are planning similar objects, which consist mostly of Rock. 90 percent of the known asteroids are in the asteroid belt, located between Mars and Jupiter. To date, more than 700 asteroids are known, which move in near-earth orbit. 127 of them may once encounter the earth together.

What a comet is?

comets are in contrast to the asteroids, something flüchtigerem Material, mostly in the Formation of gaseous and solid particles. Near the sun a comet loses continuously mass and due to the influence of the solar wind, the characteristic of the light phenomena, which we can recognize as a tail” form.