The rough landscape of the North Sea, dunes, beaches and small towns. In between, disaster lurks in the form of three corpses – a catastrophe for the small town of Werlesiel, and real happiness for the crime thriller fan.

Anyone who now thought that the tranquil police headquarters, the village police officers and the small town would lead us directly to the public broadcasters of ARD and ZDF is wrong. We are at RTL during prime time on Tuesday evening.

Here Vicky (Amelie Henning) disappears without a trace and everything points to a violent crime. The case becomes too big for the local policewoman Femke (Pia-Micaela Barucki) and LKA commissioner Tjark (Hendrik Duryn) from Wilhelmshaven comes to the rescue. The joint investigations quickly lead to a suspect: Fokko (David Bredin), the oddball from Werlesiel. It becomes clear that there is a need to hurry, as Femke and Tjark find three dead women in the dunes, so the clock is ticking for Vicky.

A series of capital crimes occur in a tranquil small town that overwhelms the local police. An LKA official rushes to help, who is also struggling with personal problems. Of course, he doesn’t drive an off-the-shelf car and of course the way we talk to each other is rough. From the initial skepticism between the investigators, a strong team grows that, after a few unexpected twists and turns, is able to apprehend the real culprit and save lives. That doesn’t just sound familiar, it’s the solid stuff that detective stories have to be made of in order to appeal to the willing audience.

As is well known, ARD and ZDF are good at this rule of thumb. The fact that RTL of all people is now daring to do the material shows a competitive quota market. In any case, the calculation worked out for RTL. Because “Dune Death” easily takes on “Tatort” and Co.

The characters in Dunentod are serious and finely crafted. If you’re looking for humor here, you’re in the wrong place, after all, this is about a serial killer. With this format, RTL is moving away from exaggerated plots and exaggerated characters. Everything looks professional and serious: another point that crime fans can switch seamlessly to RTL to see “Dünentod”. Especially since the public broadcasters have repeatedly published slapstick crime stories at prime time in recent years that were more suitable for the evening before.

RTL shows here how crime is done and that is also reflected in the ratings. The broadcaster got a 13.8 percent market share in the group of 14 to 59 year olds. This puts the thriller in second place of the evening. A rate that can be seen for RTL. Especially since Tuesday was chosen tactically, since at least ZDF relies on knowledge formats on this day and the way is clear for a thriller on RTL.

On February 7th at 8:15 p.m. “Dune Death – A North Sea Thriller – Deadly Trap” will be shown, then RTL can prove that it can build on its success and become a permanent place for good crime formats. “Dune Death: The Grave on the Beach” can be seen at any time on RTL.

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