Russia could carry out in Syria battle-tested new drone stealth “Hunter”. This is with reference to military expert writes Bulgarian Military.

According to the newspaper, combat drone, which was invisible to the Turkish air defense system, made on August 2 a series of strikes on Syrian militants, warehouses of fuel and oil tanks.

Su-27 was intercepted over the Black sea two U.S. aircraft

“of Course, there is no direct evidence that an unidentified drone stealth is Russian, but testing in combat conditions necessary for passing the state tests,” – said in the article.

The analysts interviewed by the publication, noted that if Syria acted considered to be a slave of the su-57 stealth UAV “Hunter”, in the near future, the defense Ministry will report on its testing in combat conditions.

“Rambler” wrote that earlier the United States had experienced in Syria, the fifth generation fighter F-35A Lightning II.