The decision also applies retroactively to all applications since the Start of the emergency aid last Wednesday. “Instead, the applicant must demonstrate only that the current operating revenue will be sufficient to Fund the ongoing operating costs of the company,” said Minister of economic Affairs, Nicole Hoffmeister-herb (CDU). Specifically, the applicant should assure that he was advised by the Corona pandemic in economic difficulties or in a liquidity squeeze and its existence threatened, it is called the Ministry of economy. In this case, not spent, then, when the sufficient current revenue from the business operation of the person Concerned, to pay the debts of the next three months, such as Rent or tenancy or Leasing contracts.

Previously, it had given to the relief of the country of criticism, because Small and micro-entrepreneurs and Solo-self-employed had first of all to your private assets to protect your Business attract. Those who have well-managed, would be punished by the fact it was on the part of entrepreneurs. “We have brought this program in a show of strength within a few days at the Start. In such a Situation, it is not remains, even after the start of the vertices sharpened, ambiguities or questions of interpretation to be clarified must be eliminated,“ said Hoffmeister-herb. “For us, the top priority had to be able to fast money.” In the following weeks, there will be other modifications.