Scandalously famous Regina todorenko nothing – sure the blogger Lena Miro.

Miro believes that all so-called achievements of Regina – the title of “woman of the year”, advertising contracts, etc., which she lost because of domestic violence, triggering a large-scale bullying was absolutely not deserved.

“a Stupid and bounded the girl, one of many such clocked Exmortem bots and “come to success”. And now the bubble of success burst,” she wrote in her Telegram channel.

Not left without attention of Lena and the statement of the husband of TV presenter Vlad Topalov.

“Vlad Topalov, the husband of blogeri Regina Todorenko, which all decent and indecent people stopped to chat, he suddenly said he was willing to kill everyone” – she comments, the words of the actor.

“You hate me, my wife, I hate you. Are you ready to kill me, I’m ready to kill you. Thanks to you my wife was taken away what she wanted: titles, projects, contracts, work, money – only”, – Topalov previously wrote in microblogging.

In fact, according to the blogger, Regina Todorenko only “returned to earth”.

“Vlad seriously believes that his wife is something they have achieved in life, not was and is a bubble”.

As reported by “Rambler”, one blogger took the “execute” Todorenko for incorrectly suggested.

Lena Miro is known to all the poisonous statements. So in this story, in passing, Miro decided together to throw a stone in Regina Todorenko, and so went from stellar colleagues.

The target of the blogger and got the husband of Regina Vlad Topalov.