A new study shows that Jet stream are to blame for heat waves!

“not shows Our study, the specific locations and the timing of the weather extremes were in the summer of 2018 at random, but directly with the Emergence of a repeating pattern in the Jetstream, the ball extends across the entire Northern half”, let the at the Potsdam Institute for climate impact research (PIK) and the Oxford Institute lead author Kai Kornhuber quote. This should be incorporated in the study of extreme weather events. Was published the study in the journal “Environmental Research Letters”.

The Jetstream is a strong wind belt that moves in about 10 kilometers altitude and great weather-transported systems of the West to the East. The jet stream can develop waves of the lungs, called the Rossbywellen, sometimes for weeks at one point, can remain.

Refresh pattern

In the past years, Kornhuber and his colleagues observed a significant increase of this stock. Temporally and spatially they are, therefore, in connection with extreme weather, because the weather in the environment remains unusually stable for a long time.

The same, repetitive pattern was also evident during the European heat waves of 2015, 2006 and 2003. According to the researchers, climate change is likely to lead to this wave pattern in the future.

they referred to physical causes: land masses heat up faster than oceans, the rising temperature could make a difference then the Freezing of the jet stream waves. Especially the temperature development of the Atlantic could play a role in this. The need to be first explored.

Increased risk for extreme heat

“This prolonged heat waves, caused by the stagnant wave pattern, added to the already observed General increase in temperature due to global warming on top of it,” says Scott Osprey of the University of Oxford.

the risk is particularly extreme heat waves increase, especially in regions such as North America and Europe. Since these regions are also important granaries are, the extreme heat periods, a risk for food security. (SDA)