Interest rates on deposits on overnight and time deposit accounts have been rising sharply for a few weeks now. Especially new customers benefit. But a recent study shows an astonishing persistence: 40 percent of those surveyed do not want to change their investment behavior.

This is the finding of the representative study “Aktienkultur in Deutschland”, which was commissioned by “Aktion perAktie”, a cooperation between Comdirect, Consorsbank, FlatexDegiro and ING.

Among those surveyed aged 55 and over, only 17 percent want to invest more money in savings investments such as call money and fixed-term deposits. In contrast, the figure for 18 to 24 year olds is even 63 percent. In general, it is mainly young people under 45 who want to invest more money.

Of the 34 percent who said they plan to increase their investments in savings products, 21 percent only plan to save a little more money, while 13 percent plan to invest significantly more. On the other hand, around a quarter of the total population state that they are not financially able to invest money.

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The growing commitment of young people is also clearly evident in shares: while in 2017 only just under every fifth person under 34 owned shares in companies, the number has now doubled.

And anyone who has ever invested in stocks tends to invest in savings. According to the study, 48 percent of more experienced investors are currently more likely to invest in savings than non-stockholders. There it is only 28 percent.

The corona pandemic also continues to play a role when considering equity investments. Since 2021, three out of ten shareholders have invested more money in shares than before. As reasons for the increase, the study cites more time to deal with investments (38 percent), favorable entry prices and comparatively low interest rates on savings (37 percent each) as well as high inflation. This can be counteracted with the comparatively high returns that can be achieved with shares and ETFs.

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The catering establishments fear a possible death of the industry. According to a recent survey, many bars in rural areas in particular fear for their existence. Operators are most worried about customers’ declining budgets and rising energy and food prices.

Employer President Rainer Dulger got involved in the discussion about our pension system. He warns of a collapse in funding and calls for reform. He makes a specific request.

The gaps in the supermarkets are getting bigger: the price war between international corporations and German retailers is escalating like never before. Smaller companies from Germany could benefit from this.

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