Student who shot classmate in the head, told about the murder

the Student, a suspect in the murder of the same age in St. Petersburg, said during the interrogation, the details of the tragedy. According to him, the fatal shot was fired accidentally. This is with reference to counsel the teenager, informs “Interfax”. The guilt, the boy recognized.

the Charges against the accused are not yet filed. In the near future the court will elect a suspect measure of restraint. The consequence will petition for house arrest.

the Lawyer also said that the detainee is in a depressed state: the victim was his best friend. The family of the teenager is ready to assist the family of the deceased.

Earlier it was reported that in the entrance of a house in Saint-Petersburg Kolpino was found the body of 14-year-old schoolboy with a gunshot wound to the head. According to investigators, the tragedy occurred in one of the apartments on the third floor. The son of the owner of the apartment – judges – shot of dad’s hunting gun of his friend. The body of the murdered teenagers brought to the entrance, raised on a 7th floor, left there in the stairwell, and fled. The suspect was arrested only after 12 hours in Pushkin.