Winter time is hat time: If you take off your hat in winter, your hair is often electrostatically charged. That destroys every hairstyle. We’ll show you tricks on how to avoid this.

In winter, hair tends to be drier than at other times of the year and is therefore more likely to become electrostatically charged. The result: “Flying hair”, especially when the heating air is dry or when putting on and taking off hats, explains the German Body Care and Detergent Industry Association (IKW).

Care products that contain moisturizing substances help against dry hair and, according to IKW, should also do the scalp, which then also suffers from dryness, good. In addition, the addition of panthenol to shampoos and conditioners improves the hair’s ability to retain moisture.

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Another tip: hair treatments that you leave on the hair under a towel for several minutes. Alternatively, there are sheet masks, i.e. fleeces soaked with active ingredients that are placed on the hair. The association recommends hair tonic for those who suffer particularly from a dry scalp. And since blow-drying can also dry out the hair, you should set the hair dryer a little cooler.

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