To keep her marriage fresh, Claire sends her children to their rooms early. But not everyone understands this and so the mother has to take a lot of criticism. 

A mother has caused a stir on TikTok by announcing that she sends her children to her room every night at 6:30 p.m. to spend quiet time with her husband. 

Claire, who posted the video, believes it’s important to have time together and credits her “bed rest rule” as one of the reasons her marriage is doing so well. In addition, strict rules would give the children structure. 

The video has now been viewed and commented on thousands of times. Some users agreed with Claire and shared similar routines in their families, while others were less understanding of the “house rules.” One user wrote: “Your kids will grow up hating you.” 

Another user largely agrees with the mother, but also finds the 6:30 p.m. rule “a bit harsh.”

In a video, Claire responded to a comment asking if she spent any time with her children: “Do people realize there are 24 hours in a day? If I spend the whole day with the children, yes, then I will say: ‘Now it’s time for you to go to your room and have the evening to yourself’.”

Sometimes, she added, she breaks the rule and doesn’t let the children go upstairs until 7 p.m. Still, she emphasized the importance of spending time together as spouses and parents.

Users’ opinions on this video are also divided. Some parents praised her rule, while others argued that she might one day regret not spending more time with her four children. 

One user commented: “My kids go to their rooms at 7pm, my brain needs time to recover from the day.” Another agreed: “I admire you Claire, you need house rules and time for yourself you “You’re a brilliant mother, ignore the negative comments.”

Sleep plays an important role in children’s development. Because at night the little ones process everything that hits them during the day. When a child should go to bed depends on the child’s age and the time they wake up the next day.

It is particularly important for school children to be well rested so that they can concentrate on class the next day. But that’s not exactly the case for every child, as the American elementary school teacher Stacy Karlsen discovered again and again in her everyday working life. She shares her experiences online and gives parents clear recommendations regarding their children’s bedtimes. 

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