Entrepreneur Sarah Kern (54) reports to her fans and followers on Instagram with bad news. The 54-year-old is in intensive care and explains: “I had a mini-stroke.” This means that Sarah had a small stroke.

She got a dizzy spell at work and colleagues immediately called the emergency doctor. Kern also explains to her fans how this came about: “When you have too much stress, combined with clenched nerves due to my herniated disc in my neck. One factor out of many puzzles.”

Sarah also justifies herself to critics who claim that if she can record a story for Instagram, she can’t do so badly. “A second stroke would be deadly,” says the entrepreneur. She also has limitations in her speech and walking.

Sarah now has to learn how to walk upright, look straight ahead and speak in an orderly manner. But she is confident: “I’m still the best here on the ward.”

Today (July 4th) an MRI should decide how Sarah’s future path looks like. “Health is the most important thing,” emphasizes Sarah and is confident that everything will be fine again. But when it comes to her children, the 54-year-old becomes sentimental and cries because her children are “of course worried and that’s getting me down!”

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The original of this article “Designer Sarah Kern had a “mini stroke”” comes from Bunte.de.