the Metropolitan parks of the Department of culture has prepared master classes and lectures to the youth Day. They will be held online. Videos will be placed on June 27 in the accounts of the recreation areas in the social networks.

At the same time, as recalled by the Deputy mayor, it is important to follow basic preventive measures and to comply with social distance.

Lianozovsky Park has prepared a master class on contemporary dance, the record of which will appear on the pages in social networks 12:00. A professional choreographer will show a set of exercises to warm up before exercise and demonstrate the basic elements of hip-hop.

And on the pages of the Park “Gardeners” in social networks 12:00 will present short videos for beginner runners. It will be especially useful for those who want to start running, but doesn’t know how to start training. The participants of the tutorial will tell you how to find the right running shoes and what speed is considered optimal for beginners.

Videosrate in skateboarding, prepared by the Park “Fili”, will place at 14:00. It will demonstrate the basic exercises, and will also help to pick up a quality skateboard. Tagansky Park will introduce their virtual visitors with the basics of a healthy lifestyle. Recording of the lesson will be online at 14:00.

“Green school” Gorky Park invites you to take part in a virtual master class on coloring t-shirts in the technique of Tie-Dye. Unusual pattern appears when the fabric to wrap in the right places and drop in the paint.

the Participants of the master class can take a black or white t-shirt. If you choose black, you will need special paints for fabric, bleach, clear bottle, stationery gum and spray. For staining of the white stuff to prepare the seeds and peel avocado, onion peels, turmeric and paper gum. Video tutorial will be placed in 10:30.

to learn how to do quick sketches of you while watching the master class Babushkinsky Park. For example, participants will show how to use the black marker to draw a bridge on the background of beautiful scenery. The entry classes will release at 12:00.

live on the page of the estate Vorontsovo in the network “Instagram” explain what sketching. Users will try to portray the greenhouse building of the estate. This will need heavy paper, colored and regular pencils. And will give a lecture about legendary street artist Banksy. Also we will focus on street art — one of the directions of contemporary art.

Solve the mystery of the disappearance of the mistress of the old castle offer virtual Park “Fili”. On the online platform Zoom at 15:00 starts the quest, the plot of which went to Agatha Christie and Gilbert Keith Chesterton. Each participant will choose a role in the game. RAtsya to participate in the quest here.

Useful tips to promote personal page in a network “Instagram” will give the Park “Kuzminki”. At 12:00 on the Park pages in social networks will post video tutorial for beginners bloggers.

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In the capital have eased restrictions which were imposed because of the spread of coronavirus. In particular, since June 1, the city’s parks, Department of culture, opened for walking. From 16 June in the capital’s recreation areas became available to visitors summer terrace, and from 23 June — restaurants and cafes. Also resumed its work non-stationary retail outlets where you can buy ice cream and soft drinks. However, their activities while parks continue in an online format.