This new reality show on Netflix takes viewers into the most intimate of the contestants’ rooms.

An apartment or a house can be beautiful, but if the interior design is not consistent, you quickly feel uncomfortable. So that something like this cannot happen, there are experts for facilities. What Tine Wittler is symbolic for the Germans is also available abroad with Melanie Rose. She sets the right accents with furniture and decoration. But now the interior designers have turned to a new, more piquant topic, which usually remains hidden behind their own four walls. She designs rooms for couples who want to spice up their sex life. The new Netflix show “How To Build a Sex Room” now shows how different the preferences can be and how diverse the needs of the candidates are.

The Brit Melanie Rose knows her craft, she turns boring rooms into true works of art, so why not also design rooms that are exclusively intended for sex? At Netflix, she now helps couples achieve their sexual dreams. The preferences range from tying up your partner to your own small SM cellar.

Rose not only accompanies the renovation, but also talks to the couples about their intimate fantasies and their preferences. Through her openness, she also helps to normalize the sexual preferences of the participants and to present them to a broad public. The relationships themselves also seem to be partially blossoming again through the new rooms.

Similar to well-known renovation shows, the focus here is not only on structural changes, but also on human needs and problems. Melanie Rose manages to accept both points with devotion. How To Build a Sex-Room is Netflix-only since July 8th.

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