It has the last day come heavy snowfalls in North-Norway, especially from the Vesterålen and the north. In some places, there have been between 20-25 cm of snow.

And we expect that the next day can reach up to 30 cm in some places, ” says the on-duty meteorologist at the Vervarslinga in the North of Norway, Geir Bøyum.

According to the meteorologist, it is Newland who are most vulnerable.

” So you have enough to stay up on a weekend with snømåking.

Animation showing how lavtrykket come into Northern Norway from Friday afternoon and through the weekend.

Animation: @meteorologists, Twitter power failure

In Vesterålen, Sortland, Bø and Øksnes had huge problems with størmforsyningen in the night. At 14 Saturday, most households got the power back.

Now, there are only a few areas are left without electricity As. We are working frantically to get the power back on in the course of the day, ” says Rolf Tore Starheim in Vesteråleskraft to NRK.

Here are the crews from the Andøy Energy in the turn after a power outage in the night.

Photo: Bent Ribe

In addition to the heavy snowfalls, it is also expected a good deal of wind in the north.

the Wind is in a north-westerly stiff breeze in the counties of Nordland and Troms. In East-Finnmark, it will in the afternoon get a small storm, but it will slow down beyond tomorrow.

As a result of the storm, several roads closed. Only in Finnmark is all the 27 roads closed.

the E6 is closed both at Saltfjellet, by Kvænangsfjellet, Baddereidet and Sennalandet. In addition, E69 closed a lot of places, and the E75 is closed between Vardø and Vadsø.

It will probably be more closures and the formation of colonnes, so you must be prepared part hold if you are going to run far, ” says Bøyum.

the Storm will slow down temporarily the night of Monday, before it will come new rainfall and increasing winds on Monday evening.

– There is a lot of unsettled weather in store for the future with a lot of rainfall.

Challenging for emergency services

By Vegtrafikksentralen, they have received several phones from private individuals, but trafikkoperatør Grethe Turmo Hat says they do not have the opportunity to answer all the phones.

Their first priority now is to assist emergency services who are struggling to get over the mountain passes.

Because the mountain pass Sennalandet is closed, is it not possible to get from Alta to the hospital in Hammerfest without running via Karasjok. It is a detour of around 270 kilometres.

So the way it is now will not the ambulance coming their way.

– We just need to encourage people to take their precautions and to assess whether they need to out and run. It is so difficult conditions now.