As the pandemic coronavirus has affected the invention in Russia, and what decisions to combat COVID-19, patented scientists, in an exclusive interview said the head of the Federal service for intellectual property (Rospatent) Grigory Ivliev.

Grigory Petrovich, as patent activity is impacted by the pandemic?

— One of the consequences of a pandemic to limit physical contact. For registration of objects of intellectual property (IP) personal presence is not required — the application can be submitted in electronic form. We recommend you to use electronic filing because it reduces the risk of infection.

Now in electronic form according to the invention serves 63% of applications for utility models — 40%, on industrial designs — 70%, trademark — 86%. Their internal processes we are also adapted to the conditions of a pandemic.

If to sum up the results for the half year, we can note that for the six months of 2020, was filed 16901 application of the invention, which is 12% higher than the number filed over the same period of 2019 (15091 application).

Also in the process of examination of applications for inventions decreased the average duration of the consideration, which in the first half of 2020 amounted to 3.89 month, which is 38.3% less than in the first half of 2019 (6.3 per month). Reduced time and at other objects.

So, despite the pandemic, the Ministry is working in full force even in the remote access mode.

a — How to increase the number of applications for inventions in the field of medicine?

In April 2020 the Department was running a pilot program to accelerate the examination of applications for inventions and utility models that are associated with the development of new technologies in areas such as: antiviral drugs, diagnostic test systems, ventilators, medical remedies, sterilizing and disinfectants.

The acceleration is that an expert reviewing such requests must send first correspondence of a substantive examination before the expiration of two months. In practice, the timing of the first action, an average of 20 days. That is, the applicant 20 days from the beginning of the examination of his application or request or the decision on issuance of a patent.

It is important to note that this pilot program does not involve additional charge.

According to July 30, 2020 submitted 193 applications, of which 136 — invention and 57 for utility models relating to these areas. Currently published data regarding the 11 Russian patents: one patent on a vaccine (scientific research Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology named after N. F. Gamalei), four of the patent for diagnostic test kits and six patents for various tools��and sterilization and disinfection.

Since the introduction of the pilot program, the number of applications in the selected directions only growing. For example, the share of inventions in the field of technology to combat viral infection increased five-fold, and utility models six times.

a — In the fight against coronavirus involved scientists, inventors from across the country?

Yes. The leader of the Central Federal district (TSFO). Four months to establish a procedure for priority consideration, applications inventors TSFO has filed half of all the applications. The area of interest of inventors mainly was the development of means of treatment and prevention of viral infection and individual protective equipment.

Next is the Volga Federal district (PFO). Almost a third of under consideration at the moment of applications filed by inventors from this area. Most of this is personal protective equipment and sterilizing agents.

Slightly less than a third of applications filed by inventors from the North-Western Federal district (SZFO). He’s in third place. Basically it is a applications for treatment and prevention of viral infections and sterilizing agent.

In late may, the Crimea also joined the search for effective means of prevention, treatment and protection against coronavirus infection. First the applicant organization from Crimea has become an Academic scientific research Institute of physical treatment methods and medical climatology and rehabilitation named after I. M. Sechenov. Currently filed applications with inventors from Simferopol and Sevastopol.

a — You said earlier that the established base of scientific information, which contains all that is relevant to COVID-19. What development is there now prevail?

— Indeed, in may 2020 at the FIPS website was created information section “COVID-19”, which contains information on patent documents. They are considered in the national patent office from 2000 to the present. These are the documents filed by both domestic and foreign developers.

For convenience of search of the necessary information in each topic there are a few narrow sections. For example, in the section “Diagnosis of viral diseases” highlighted the following topics: laboratory diagnostics, instrumental diagnostics, radiology.

This thematic division of patent documents, in our opinion, enables developers of specific technologies (methods and devices) to quickly obtain information about patented in the Russian Federation decisions submitted or published applications of interest in the subject area. Information in the generated page constantly aktualisierte.

Among the areas considered in the foreground, the leaders of the anti-coronavirus infection. It comes as on newly created drugs and on the use of existing products, modification of which leads to the emergence of new properties when they are used.

So, for example, are currently considered a series of applications for inventions created in the Research center of biomedical technology of the Federal medical-biological Agency (FMBA). The head of the FMBA Veronika Skvortsova has repeatedly stated developed an effective scheme of treatment of various pathological conditions caused by coronavirus infection, based on the use of “Dalargin”.

Three patent applications disclosing such new approaches, at present already made a decision on the grant of a patent. A key feature of these developments is the suppression of the so-called cytokine storm is a key factor in the high mortality of patients.

One of the first registered in the Ministry of health of drugs for the treatment COVID-19 was “Levelmap”. He developed a domestic pharmaceutical company. It is important to note that the drug also has been patented in Rospatent.

During the period of priority for consideration of applications related COVID-19, the largest number of applications were filed for inventions that characterize the solutions in the field of antiviral therapy and prevention — 35%. Also, a significant number of patent applications was associated with individual protection means and technologies of sterilization and disinfection — 21% and 27%, respectively.

With regard to applications for utility models, the largest number belonged to the applications in the field of personal protective equipment — 51%, and sterilization is 38%.

a — How is in demand these developments?

— The relevance of developments, we can assess indirectly on the basis of data advertised in the media. So, according to published reports, extremely significant is the development of a vaccine research Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology named after N. F. Gamalei, received the patent of the Russian Federation.

Established in the Institute a vaccine against coronavirus successfully passed the examination in Rospatent, with the result that he was granted a patent of the Russian Federation. A diagnostic test system, also resulting from the research Institute, is a unique technology that allows to obtain high-precision analysis of the serum or plasma of blood of patients, already ill COVID-19. So scientists will be able to identify the blood samples with the greatest number of antibodies to the virus. Selection of patients — a very important job, because they are the most effective donor serum or plasma, which can save other patients suffering from severe forms COVID-19.