Development group Stone Hedge Geyser Maxim and Artem Sanfirov decided on the project development area former publishing and printing house “Pravda” in Moscow. On site there will be three office towers with a total area of about 70 thousand square meters, to invest in the construction of which is planned for 14 billion rubles. to Find buyers for offices at the desired price from 210 thousand rubles. per 1 sq. m in under construction project can be difficult.Stone Hedge, the group decided on the project development area in the Paper passage, 19, near metro Savyolovskaya in Moscow, said her representative. On a plot of 1.4 hectares, the developer implements the three office tower class A complex will be called Stone Towers. The first of the towers with an area of 14 thousand square meters is planned to be commissioned in the second quarter of 2022, two more towers with a total area of 55 thousand sq m by the end of 2023. The volume of investment in the project 14 billion rubles. On the part of the space is a coworking place, about 60% of the offices the company intends to sell at a price of 210 thousand rbl. for 1 sq. m, and the rest will be rent out independently.Area in the Paper passage of the Stone Hedge is purchased from the PSN group in 2019. The site is located on the former site of the publishing and printing house “Pravda”, about the building where PSN was announced in 2017. Now the site is owned by closed unit investment Fund “income property-1” managed by “Finam Management”, said the representative of the developer.Stone Hedge belongs to Maxim Geyser and Artem Sanfirov, specializiruetsya on the building complex that combines offices and apartments. Now its portfolio includes business centers with a total area of 320 thousand sq. m. According to Maxim Geyser, in the next three years the company intends to increase this amount to 300 thousand sq. m. In particular, the Stone Hedge is now discussing the purchase of 40 thousand square meters of offices in the northeast and area to “Recording” at Kronstadt Boulevard, 7 in the North of Moscow where it was planned to build an office complex with an area of 77.5 thousand sq. m. Managing partner of the ILM Andrey Lukashev believes that in the current market project Stone Hedge looks “futuristic”: few companies will be willing to buy assets in under construction project more than 150 thousand rubles. per 1 sq. m. Realize office at the requested price will be difficult because investors now prefer to invest in a turnkey project, to avoid the risk of delays or reduce the quality of the finished object, he adds.Managing partner of Colliers International Nikolay Kazanskiy, in contrast, believes the cost of the offices is adequate — the main thing that sold blocks were not in the same building with areas of Stone Hedge and the developer did not have to compete on lease rates with the new owners. According to Mr. Kazan, the rental rates in the future, the complex will be about 27 thousand RUB over 1 sq m, and the pace of sales may reach 10 thousand square meters a year. He recalled that now, in contrast to other crises of oversupply of available office space in the market, moreover, continue to be major transactions: in June group “Tinkoff” has signed a lease 78 thousand square meters in the complex AFI Square near the metro station “Belorusskaya”.Elizaveta Makarova