– I have followed the digital scenes as golden dragon and Koronerulling on the net with great enthusiasm, ” says festival manager Alexandra Archetti Stølen in the Oslo World.

The two are examples of digital scenes that sends the concerts via Facebook, where the audience can choose to buy the ticket or not. And after having seen how koronaviruset also frames festivalbransjen, was the idea of a digital collection of music festivals.

Now, there are many festivals that have announced that they will cancel or postpone to the next year. So we got an idea for those who are sitting at home and listening to music, and don’t know quite what to listen to.

So far, 50 festivals all over the world with

the festival manager Alexandra Archetti Stølen, Oslo World believes one of the roles of the arts now is to provide the promise of better times, and to explore new forms of being together while we wait.

Photo: Oslo World

Festivalsjefen sent a request to the festivalansvarlige the world over if they could set up a playlist of 20 songs, before she got a programmer to make a map of the world. So far have 50 festivals registered.

” We are waiting on a number of festivals in Africa that we know will be with, and so is this open to all that will help. The number is going to increase after each.

the Map was launched on Tuesday this week and Wednesday had the news reached the German radio station WDR.

We are dependent of each other

the Idea is, according to Archetti Stølen meant as a reminder of the festivals in addition to being meeting places and leisure facilities, is also responsible for various inputs to the musical world. And on the way they make the music richer.

2020 is most likely a year where the festivals are going to have huge losses and risking damage for several years ahead. Then it becomes particularly clear how dependent the industry is of each other, she believes.

– We can use the months ahead to be wiser on the cultural ecosystem. Festivalkartet, where more and more festivals all over the world have hung on to, is a small contribution in the work.

the Map is very simple. One press on a festival, then comes the playlist up and one can hear bookeren to the festival’s selection of music via the music services.

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