in The Uk racelegende Stirling Moss on Sunday morning at the age of 90 passed away. Moss, the reed, between 1951 and 1961, and in the “Formula 1”. The Englishman has won of sixteen Grand Prix (66 entries), but it could be a world champion-to-be. Between 1955 and 1961, he became a four-time runner-up in the king’s class of motorsport, and three times in the third. All of the categories to go, he won 212 of the 529 races in which he took part.

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Moss, who was also an outstanding rally driver. He won it in 1955 in the Italian Mille Miglia race in a new course record. In 1962, brought an end to his career after a crash at Goodwood a month in a coma. He, however, continued to be active in the historics and it was only in 2011, at 81 years of age, he stopped by the races. Well-being is considered to be one of the icons of British sport. In 1961, he was the BBC Sportpersoonlijkheid of the Year.

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That the history will always be recognized as the “best driver who never became world champion”, said Moss, who is also self-inflicted. He was always going for the win, rather than having to be on the safe side, and in the world CHAMPIONSHIP points and to finish the race, and it was very casual. As was common, he in 1958, and in person, the disqualification of his fellow countryman, Mike Hawthorn, to a disqualification, which, to him, the title produced it. In addition, Moss and an absolute passion for British cars. The Grand Prix of Monaco in 1961, and is one of the most beautiful of all his victories. Therein, the troefde he was in a Lotus in the much faster Ferrari’s.

“He died as he lived, it was beautiful,” says his third wife Suzi in the Daily Mail. “In the end, he was just tired, and he closed his beautiful eyes, and that was that.” Moss, who had been for a long time to be sick. In 2017 he lay there for a long period of time in the hospital with an infection in the respiratory tract, of which he was in Singapore for life. In January 2018, he appeared for the last time, out in the open.

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