The attractiveness of France to foreign students remains strong : 343 400 of them have chosen the Hexagon to study in 2017-2018, announces Campus France, the organization for the promotion of French higher education abroad. This represents an increase of 4.5% compared to the previous academic year, which is almost identical to the one before (4.6 per cent).

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These raw data, released Friday, October 12, you cannot tell if France is back in the top three of preferred destinations for international students. She had lost in 2015, his third position for the benefit of Australia, while the United States remained in first, followed by the United Kingdom, according to the comparisons of the Unesco. Here are the major trends regarding the foreign students in French.

Africa sends more students to train in France

the nationalities of The international students remain close to the previous year. On the other hand, “the order in this ranking changes slightly,” says Campus France. After Morocco (1), it is Algeria which passes in second position, ahead of China (3rd), while Italy wins a place (4th) at the expense of Tunisia (5th).

a Country Number of students 1 MOROCCO 39 855 2 ALGERIA 30 521 3 CHINA 30 071 4 ITALY 13 341 5 Tunisia 12 842

46 % of international students come from Africa, 25 % Europe, 16% in Oceania, 9 % in the americas and 4 % in the Middle East.

The university preferred

Nearly 70 % of foreign students choose the university when they come to study in France, one percentage point less than last year. In total, there are therefore 240 000 students are enrolled, of which 49% in a course license, 41 % masters, 10 % phd.

The other locations in the doors which foreign students come are the schools of commerce and management (9 % of them are registered), engineering schools (7 %). The other institutions (specialty schools, art schools, preparatory classes, etc) gather the remaining 14%.

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The attractiveness of letters and science

the university, foreign students continue to focus on the sectors of science and medicine for 37 % of them. Following the letters, languages and human and social sciences to 32 %, then the economy and the management (20 %), and finally the law and the political sciences (12 %)

A small majority of women

In 2017-2018, 52.5% of international students were female students. A proportion roughly the same as the previous year.