Stiftung Warentest regularly examines mineral water. Of the 32 classic products tested, the cheap mineral water from the discounter scored particularly well.

Stiftung Warentest tested a total of 32 Classic mineral waters in a current issue (7/2022). In addition to cheap discounter and supermarket own brands, well-known branded water was also examined. Sensory experts evaluated appearance, smell, taste and mouthfeel. The mineral water was also tested in the laboratory for possible pollutants.

The good news: Eight mineral waters scored “very good” in the test.

Among the test winners there are also inexpensive products from supermarkets or discounters. With a price of just 17 cents per liter, the following mineral waters are among the cheapest:

17 other classic mineral waters score “good”. These include brands such as San Pellegrino, a mineral water that was only “sufficient” in last year’s ÖKO-TEST test. The well-known manufacturer Gerolsteiner also scored “good” in the test. In terms of critical substances, both branded mineral waters only scored “satisfactory”, while the discounter products were rated “good” or even “very good”. The reason: the laboratory found uranium in the S. Pellegrino, and the experts found nickel in the Gerolsteiner. It is therefore not only worthwhile in terms of price to use cheap water in the future.

In another article we compared the mineral water costs per year with the costs for self-sparkling tap water from the SodaStream. Read more about this here .

Six other products scored “satisfactory”, only one water fell out of line with the overall rating “sufficient”. You can read the detailed test report for a fee at Stiftung Warentest.

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