Steph Curry made a record number of 3-pointers to break the NBA’s all-time 3s record in Tuesday’s match against the New York Knicks.

The Golden State Warriors point guard scored three more baskets from downtown to finish the night with 2,977 3-pointers.

Curry stated that he never intended to be called the best shooter until he achieved this record. Curry said, “I feel comfortable saying that now.”

The 33-year old reclaimed the title from Ray Allen, a former Milwaukee Bucks guard who had previously held the record with 2,973 3-pointers.

“I take pride in shooting high percentages. Curry continued, “I pride myself in allowing that to win games.” “Now I can take pride in the fact that Ray’s number has lasted for so long, and hopefully push it to a level that no one can match.”

To congratulate Curry, Allen and Reggie Miller, an ex-India Pacers guard, attended Tuesday’s game.

Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors coach, stated that Steph, a seven-time NBA All-Star, has made a significant impact on the game of basketball. He said, “There have been people along the path who have pushed it forward, but Steph was the one who just grabbed it all and ran with it.”

Final score: 105-96 for the Warriors over the Knicks.