Exactly 30 years ago on the screens out the picture of Evgeny Tsymbal, “the Tale of outstanding moon”, in which Viktor Proskurin played the role of Joseph Stalin. With him was shot Vladimir Steklov. Tragic news about the death of friend and partner caught him on the set. Though the actors and you can’t keep the phones in working time, Vladimir made an exception.

“This is terrible news. Just awful. Always sad when people leave, and when more and close to you… now I find it hard to say something and remember I am on the set, be angry out in the frame. Victor was a brilliant artist and a great partner. Yes, it could be common words, but they are true. We starred together in “the Tale of outstanding moon”. Victor has done a lot for cinema. But first and foremost, nevertheless, for the theatre. I am very sorry for someone,” said Steklov.

the Film is dedicated to the memory shot of the writer Boris Pilnyak. In his novel tells about the people’s Commissar of defense (Steklov), who by order of Stalin (Proskurin) was stabbed to death on the operating table under the pretext of non-existent stomach ulcers. Many people know the assumption that this is what ended his life Frunze.

the story Itself has caused a lot of scandals in his time. After its publication in the magazine “New world”, the entire circulation for 1926 were confiscated. Including the copies already received by subscribers. And then reprinted, but without the work of Pilnyak. From that moment began the hounding, persecution and the repression of the objectionable Soviet power writers.